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Tester Tracey

2023-01-23 00:02:37

Tracey did find it ironic that the way she was escaping becoming a slave herself was to work for the largest supplier of slaves and slave equipment in the country helping to develop new ways of making it easier to subjugate women.

Luckily she was born brainy and had secured a job in the labs of Slave-X two years ago. She was twenty three now and the slave age was eighteen to thirty and as she was a busty pretty blonde she knew she was prime slave material and if she didn't have this job that's probably what she would be by now.

The female slavery Act had been made law five years earlier and was now big business with around fifty percent of the female population of slave age legally registered as slaves and the government was always trying to increase that number.

Female slavery was big business simply because it played into every mans fantasy of owning a beautiful girl, being her Master and literally doing whatever he wanted to her. A slave was a person with no human rights and if you wanted to sexually torture her to death who cared, that was your right, the police certainly weren’t interested. What you did with your property was your business.

Of course most men bought a girl for sex, simple as that, some were bought to work but by far the majority were sex toys. They were cheap and disposable and plentiful. A newly registered slave was sold off at public auctions twice a week down the slave processing centres all over town. Once she was bought from auction though she could be bought and sold many times over privately much like a car only much cheaper.

As the number of slaves increased the price fell and an average looking slave could be yours for a tenner nowdays, the prettier ones a few pounds more. That's why the government was always trying to increase the number of slaves for sale, falling prices meant lower tax income so try to compensate by selling more girls. It was good business sense. There were rumours that slavery would be compulsory for all girls at some stage in the future and Tracey didn't doubt it.

She had mixed feelings about that, why should half the country's population become the other half’s plaything but on the other hand she had to admit the thought of becoming a slave herself was exciting. She knew it shouldn't be and it would probably turn out to be a horrible existence in reality but in truth she didn't have much experience with men and the thought of being a mans sexual plaything did make her pussy wet every time she thought about it!

Her job currently involved working in the company labs wearing a white coat and working on a new devoicer spray the company was developing. It was actually being problematic, the spray they were testing either devoiced the test girl for four minutes or permanently. Being devoiced permanently wasn't a problem, some owners liked the idea of that, but four minutes was much too short to temporarily devoice them. Some owners liked to hear their girl scream when they hurt them etc. and so did not want them devoiced permanently but they wouldn’t want to spray her every four minutes either. So she was currently working on how to extend the devoicer spray to longer than four minutes but not make it permanent. She wasn't having much luck at the moment and she knew her male bosses were starting to ask questions, the pressure was mounting!

As part of her job she needed a constant supply of girls to test the spray on. The company had reached a deal with a local slave centre where their stock could be used as test subjects and then returned to the centre, devoiced or not.

The one proviso was that Tracey had to go down to the centre to collect the girls. It was only a few hundred yards away and Tracey made the trip twice a week returning with a dozen naked girls each time.

A girl couldn't own another girl so Tracey was an unusual sight with her troupe of slaves behind her and she often felt uncomfortable about it, especially the girls nudity. Slaves were always kept naked, a power thing for their owners and a way of showing off their charms to a perspective owner. It was also a way of determining if she was a slave, if the girl was naked in a public place she was a slave, simple as that.

It was now commonplace to see nude girls in public, indeed you only had to go to the shopping mall on a Saturday and it would be full of naked girls as owners walked their slaves around showing them off. It was still an unusual sight though to see a fully clothed girl like Tracey leading a dozen naked girls back to the lab.

Of course the visit to the slave centre was an ordeal for Tracey anyway. She was often made to wait for her order of girls and waiting by yourself in a slave centre was an embarrassing time. She was fascinated by what was going on around her as she waited, girls being bought in, stripped naked and entered onto a computer.

To become a slave a girl could either volunteer herself and present herself at a slave processing centre or she could be registered against her will by any man who knew her. Fathers, brothers, uncles, bosses etc. literally any male who knew her name. She had often seen girls bought into the centre while she waited, crying and begging the man with them not to do it but to no avail, she was quickly registered as a slave and carted off to the auction pens awaiting sale. On the other hand she had seen plenty of girls volunteering themselves to be registered and seemingly happy and excited at the prospect of slavery. It was a busy place!

On more than one occasion she'd been asked what she was doing while she waited and whether or not she was there to volunteer. The whole thing was incredibly exciting to Tracey and the girls who asked her seemed to pick up on her submissiveness and tried to push her into registering. There was even one memorable time when she was standing waiting and one of the female employees started teasing her about volunteering herself when a man who had been listening came over and interrupted,

“I'll register her if she doesn’t do it.”

Even the employee was surprised for a second but then giggled,

“Of course Sir, lets get her on the books.”

Both of them were practically rubbing their hands in anticipation but at just that moment her slaves arrived and she was allowed to walk out with them still a free girl but she knew it would have been a different story if the girls had arrived 5 minutes later!

The building she worked in was a huge modern facility with all mod cons one of which was a gym on the tenth floor. The company employed around 1000 people, 70% of which were female. Of those 700 women probably 80% were slaves and of those free women probably only 20 of them used the gym on a regular basis. The slaves used it constantly, it was compulsory for them, all the time the company owned them it wanted it's slaves to be fit and healthy and wo betide any girl who put weight on.

Because of this the gym was usually full of slaves and they worked out hard. Not that they had any choice, over watching them at all times were a series of men who pushed them to work out even harder. Tracey did go to the gym herself, a free girl in there was slightly unusual but it was a free gym so why not. She kinda liked it that the salve girls around her worked hard, it spurred her on. Of course the slave girls were all naked all the time and whereas Tracey wore normal gym gear. She often found herself staring at a well rounded naked bottom opposite or a parted pussy and was often embarrassed when somebody saw her looking.

As mentioned there was always a man or two in the gym working the girls hard and they were often surprised to see a clothed girl in with them, some were even resentful and angry as if she had no right to be there but Tracey ignored their stares and go on with working out. It was quite a thrill she had to admit being surrounded by naked slave girls and when she joined their aerobic classes she knew her pussy was wet as she struggled to keep up with the slaves as the men taking the class shouted instructions at the class.

Of course the one area that caused most problems was the showers, she had to strip naked with the other girls and mix in with them. They were open showers, gang showers I believe they are called, a row of eight shower heads in a row and usually anything up to twenty girls under them all squeezed together washing themselves. Up to now Tracey was distinguishable as a free girl simply because she was wearing clothes. Now she was just another naked pussy just like all the others and she was easily mistakable as a slave.

There was usually a man or two in the shower room with them keeping an eye on them to make sure they didn't dawdle. Usually they had seen Tracey taking her gym kit off before she entered the showers and knew her status but occasionally a man would come in five minutes later and all he saw was a mass of naked slaves washing themselves, Tracey was just another one to him and that idea turned her on enormously.

She was often shouted at with the other girls and the water turned to cold quite often with comments like,

“We are not wasting hot water on your cunts.” thrown around.

She always received a puzzled look or comment when she got out of the shower, dried herself and got dressed, her true status being revealed. She did love those moments though in the shower when to all extents and purposes she was just another slave. The risk that one day a man would not let her get dressed and be angry at her deception was always there but she loved the risk.

So her life continued, she worked ten hours a day at the lab and she knew time was running out on her current project. The company was demanding not only a permanent devoicer spray but also a temporary one, one that lasted longer than4 minutes, more like an hour. No matter how hard she worked though she couldn't seem to crack the four minute mark. Even her male colleagues used to joke with her that slavedom was just around the corner for her if she couldn't crack it and she knew they were probably right!

She thought that moment had come one day when she was summoned into the managers office. She had to stand in front of his desk, head bowed, while he shouted at her but instead of slavedom he told her they were giving her a little more time and that from that night she would be allowed to take a slave home with her so that she could continue with her work there. Tracey was in two minds regarding this, her home was a tiny one bedroom flat, a bit of a hole to be honest but it was all she could afford, girls wages had been cut dramatically since the slavery act had been brought in. She also didn't think she could do much real work there, after all she had no equipment at home.

She also didn't know how she would get on with a naked slave in her flat, being in such proximity with one, she wasn't a bossy girl and having another girl there could be intimating. On the other hand she wasn’t being made a slave herself, well not yet anyway, so she left the office all grateful thanking the man profusely for his understanding and patience.

An hour later she was stood in front of a naked twelve slaves all looking at her puzzled and expectant. In the end she picked a pretty blonde with big boobs called Emily to take home. She realised after that she had probably picked her because they looked alike, they could almost be sisters.

From the start Emily proved to be a problem for Tracey though. Her flat really was tiny and she found it intimating and overbearing with the naked girl there. Her nudity intimated Tracey and Emily seemed to realise this and played to it. Despite the fact that she was a slave Emily had a haughty air about her, a superior way and Tracey found herself feeling more and more submissive to her.

The first night Tracey had thought long and hard about where Emily should sleep and in the end decided that the foot of her bed was the best place. She could sleep horizontally across the bottom of the bed while Tracey would try not to poke her with her feet. Again it was embarrassing having a naked girl laying at your feet but she did eventually fall asleep only to wake when the alarm went off to find that Emily was now in the bed with her, snuggled up close! A new wave of embarrassment hit her as she felt Emily's naked breasts against her back and she almost jumped out of bed and ordered Emily to make them both breakfast while she showered.

Tracey was not bi, she could find other girls cute and sexy but she had no desire to sleep with them in that way. She knew that as a slave Emily would of quite happily spent hours with her head between Tracey's legs eating her own special kind of breakfast and Tracey would no doubt of enjoyed it but Emily was here to be a test subject, simple as that and any sexual games were completely off the agenda.

She did have to keep telling herself that though as she found herself admiring Emily's well rounded heavy breasts and shapely bottom more and more often over the next few days. Days in which Emily wheedled herself into Tracey's life deeper and deeper.

The actual tests of the spray took place an hour or so every night soon after Tracey got home from work. They were a waste of time as she feared, after all once it wore off after the usual four minutes what was she supposed to do, she was in a small flat, not a lab. She found herself spending most nights just chatting to Emily much as she would a friend rather than a mistress and slave relationship.

Emily was by now openly sleep with her in her bed, getting in when Tracey did and wrapping her arms around her and snuggling up tight. Something Tracey found endearing. Tracey slept naked so both girls were naked in the bed together, although there was still nothing overtly sexual between them Tracey had to admit liking the fact the she was naked in bed with another girl.

Then one day after Emily had been there a week Tracey was making tea for both of them and realised she didn't have any milk. Cursing she quickly handed Emily a one pound coin and told her to run to the corner shop and buy some milk. Now normally a slave would do as she was told without a moments hesitation but Emily moaned about how cold and dark it was outside etc. For a minute Tracey almost took the money back off her and was preparing to go herself when she suddenly realised Emily's status in life and insisted she went and did the errand which with a scowl on her face Emily eventually did.

While she was out Tracey sat in front of her telly and thought about what she had just done, sent a pretty girl out in the dark naked and unprotected. She was damn sure she herself wouldn't of walked to the shop without a stitch on!

Ten minutes later Emily was back clutching the milk and shivering with the cold. Tracey knew she was making a big deal of it all but she did say,

“It must be weird walking around in public with nothing on.”

Emily looked at her and shrugged,

“You get used to it, all slaves are naked, we don't have a choice.”

“Yes I know but I don't think I could do it, walking around naked where people could see me.” Tracey giggled nervously.

“I bet you could,” Emily grinned,” you've got a lovely body, you should show it off more.”

Tracey blushed a deep red which Emily noticed and grinned slyly at but nothing more was said that night.

The next morning was a Saturday and Tracey was having a lay in, Emily was already up doing some cleaning in the nude as usual when all of a sudden the door bell rang. Tracey instinctively groaned and buried her head under the duvet, it was too early for visitors on a Saturday. She was dimly aware that Emily had answered the door and was happily chatting to whoever it was. She was hoping Emily would get rid of them but she suddenly came bustling into the bedroom and hissed that it was the paper boy and he wanted some money to pay his bill.

Tracey groaned and quickly pulled the duvet off her and got out of bed and ran over to the side board where she kept her purse. The only thing she had in there was a ten pound note so she quickly handed it to Emily and told her to give it to him.

“You go and give it to him yourself, he's in the lounge, remember what I said about showing yourself off more, now is a good time.” she grinned naughtily at Tracey who was in no mood to be told what to do by some uppity slave but on the other hand the boy was waiting and the idea was deliciously naughty.

“Fine.” Tracey snapped wondering if she was really going to do this, the paper boy knew her by sight and would automatically think she was now a slave but raising all her courage and wishing she had time to look in a mirror first she stepped out of the bedroom and into the lounge.

To say the boy looked startled would be an understatement and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the stark naked Tracey facing him and she was sure she was suddenly going to lose her courage and make a bolt for it but Emily came up behind her blocking her escape route back to the bedroom.

“I only have this.” she said handing the boy the tenner and she laughed amused as he took it off her and started rummaging around for change to give her obviously flustered by her nudity so blatantly displayed to him.

Tracey for her part was still embarrassed by the whole thing but she was also excited and she knew her pussy was damp. The boy eventually handed her the change and as Emily slunk fully into the room so that he now had two naked girls to look at he nervously said,

“Where is your two girls owner then?”

A sudden spasm of excitement shot through Tracey at the idea of the fact that he obviously thought of her as a slave with an owner.

“He's out right now but won't be long.” Emily said, “do you want to wait for him?”

“He should know better than to leave two girls like you two unattended, or at least chain you up or something, it's not right that you are left free to roam around the house.”

His words excited Tracey no end, it was outrageous that a boy as young as him thought the way that he did but a turn on as well and she found herself meekly standing in front of him nodding her head with Emily at the suggestion that they should be chained up.

With a final look at their exposed bodies he left and Tracey immediately turned on Emily.

“How dare you make me expose myself like that.” she snapped.

“Make you? You wanted to show yourself off, you loved it.” Emily snapped back draining most of the anger from Tracey as she knew the slave was right.

“He thinks I'm a slave now.” she said with much weaker anger than before.

“So what if he does, he's only the paper boy.” Emily retorted and all the anger left Tracey and she giggled,

“Did you see his eyes bulging?”

“He couldn't take his eyes off you, I told you you had a great body.” Emily laughed and Tracey suddenly realised she was still naked and quickly walked to the bedroom to get dressed. Emily followed her and watched as Tracey covered herself up sighing philosophically as Tracey was fully dressed.

“It really is a pity to cover yourself up like that, you should get naked more often, who cares if people see you.”

“I don't think so, I've done my showing off thank you, I wont be doing any more.” Tracey replied.

“We'll see” Emily grinned enigmatically.

Tracey would like to say she resisted but it did happen again of course and only a day or two later with more serious consequences. This time it was the window cleaner that came for his money and once again Emily showed him into the flat and more or less pushed the naked Tracey out to face him. This time though it wasn't an embarrassed shy boy she was showing off to but a grown man who liked what he saw and decided to have some fun with it!

Once she had shown herself naked to the man,an overweight letch that Tracey had always tried to avoid previously, she couldn't refuse him anything,after all she was a slave in his eyes and within a minute she was knelt in front of him sucking his smelly cock for all she was worth. She wouldn't say she enjoyed the actual act but she loved the humiliation of it especially as the real slave, Emily, was standing beside her grinning as she watched. It got even worse though because once the man had shot his load down Tracey’s throat he decided he wanted some pussy and five minutes later he was deep inside Tracey pounding away and as a delighted Emily squealed,

“Fuck the bitch,fuck her hard, use that cunt” and words to that effect.

Now Tracey’s experience of sex had been fairly limited over the years, sure she'd had some fumblings but generally her work had been her lover so it was an eye opener to find herself being fucked,especially as he was heeding Emily's advice and trying to do it as hard as possible!

She was almost disappointed when he came deep inside her and she moaned when he withdrew from her and repulsed when he proceeded to wipe the remnants of his cum in her hair and wiped his cock clean with it.

“Well that's a good mornings work, the bill paid and some free pussy. “ he laughed as he stood looking down at the naked Tracey at his feet.

Neither girl said anything although Emily giggled.

“I'll be back next week for some more that's for sure.” he sneered and left after giving Tracey a quick kick in the side which really hurt.

Tracey spent the next day wondering how she felt about everything. The window cleaner was a man she had seen around and spoken to once or twice but she wouldn't of looked at him twice normally and yet she'd paraded naked in front of him,sucked him off and let him fuck her! Part of her was ashamed at her behaviour and yet another part had been so excited it had overruled the ashamed part and enjoyed it all.

She was also embarrassed by Emily's part in it all, although she hadn't needed much pushing it was Emily who had pushed her and her who had been encouraging the man to use her hard. Emily seemed to be the driving force and now two people thought she was a slave, two people who knew where she lived!

This was threatening to get out of hand and yet why did she hope that Emily might push her into something else soon!

The Christmas party was coming up soon. With no partner to take she wasn't looking forward to it. Nevertheless she was excited one night to come home from work clutching her new party dress and she made a big fuss about putting it on and admiring herself in the bedroom mirror. Emily was there helping her and she smiled as she admired Tracey,

“You look so pretty Ma'am I wish I could try on a new dress just once more.” she said wistfully.

Tracey looked at her sad face and then laughed,

“I don't see why not,after all it's just us two here.”

Emily squealed in delight and for the next hour the two of them had a whale of a time trying on different outfits. Emily had been a slave for eight months and in that time had never been allowed to wear anything at all and now she was loving it and feeling like a little girl as she tried the outfits on. Tracey was enjoying having girly fun as well and both girls were giggling and laughing. Tracey never was sure if it was by accident or design but when they finished their little game of dress up Emily was fully dressed and Tracey was naked. She gave a nervous laugh and commented on the role reversal and said if someone knocked on the door now they would think that Tracey was the slave and Emily the mistress.

“Oh that would be fun wouldn't it.” Emily giggled and Tracey giggled with her although she had her doubts about how much fun it would be.

“We should call for a pizza and let the pizza guy see us.”

“Oh I'm not so sure about that.” Tracey squeaked feeling very unsure but knowing her pussy was moistening at the prospect.

“Oh don't be so silly, you didn't complain before when you showed yourself off, you loved it.” Emily laughed picking up the phone.

Tracey knew that she should be stopping her but instead she stood by as Emily ordered a pizza and gave their address out.

“Right it's on it's way, let's hope it's a guy delivering it,” she said hanging up the phone, If he asks your the slave and I'm your mistress while my husband is away OK.”

Tracey nodded her head and got a “Good Girl” back from Emily which for some silly reason turned her on even more. She knew she shouldn't be allowing this, to many people were starting to think of her as a slave. She had looked up the penalty for impersonating a slave the other day and it was either life in prison or being registered as a slave for the rest of your life, serious stuff!

She sat nervously awaiting the pizza while Emily on the other hand kept admiring her dressed self in the mirror excitedly. Finally the doorbell rang and as directed Tracey went and opened it with the usual feelings of embarrassment and excitement in equal measure. Standing there holding a pizza box was a pimply youth who's spotty face broke into a wide grin once he saw the naked Tracey standing in the doorway. She invited him in and he was happy to follow,his grin faltering slightly as he saw the clothed Emily standing there.

He rather unnecessary announced he had their pizza and laid the box on the coffee table in front of him while Emily picked up Tracey's purse and started rummaging through it. The guys eyes hardly left Tracey's body as she did so and Tracey had to admit being creeped out by the guy, even more then paper boy and window cleaner.

Emily seemed to be taking ages to find any money and probably to break the ice more than anything the youth said.

“Is she yours?” Nodding at Tracey.

“Well my husbands but I'm looking after her while he's away.” Emily laughed casually.

“Well she's a nice one,is she for sale?” he asked casually.

Tracey stiffened, this wasn't part of the deal!

“Well your right she is a good one but typical husband he never completed her registration before he went away, he will do it next week when he gets back.” Emily giggled hardly fazed at the question.

“Oh that's not a problem,I have an App on my phone that lets you register new girls, it's all very quick and easy.” he grinned as he fished for his phone.

Tracey was now seriously alarmed, what was she to do, she was impersonating being a slave right now and she knew the penalties for that.

“Really? What will they think of next.” Emily giggled.

“Oh yes, it's dead easy, I've used it to register a few girls already and sold them on,made a few quid too,” he laughed, “the girls weren’t too happy but who cares, this one will sell easily as well, I'll make you a good offer for her.”he grinned.

Tracey looked at Emily with a worried look on her face but Emily pointedly ignored her and instead grinned,

“How about £50?”

“That's a bit steep,she's good but not that good, how about £25.” he replied casually.

“£30 but only if you register her first.” Emily came back with and to Tracey's dismay she saw the man nod his head and he shook hands with Emily before holding his phone up.

“What's her full name and date of birth?” he asked.

She had only told Emily her date of birth yesterday in idle chat and now Emily reeled it off for the man without a care in the world and the man entered it into his phone.

“I need her NI number as well,there's too many Smith's on the data base.” he shrugged and Tracey's hopes soared as she knew Emily wouldn't know that. She didn't know it herself but she knew it was on her payslips neatly tucked into her underwear drawer in her bedroom.

“I don't know that right now,is it really necessary?” Emily replied knowing the answer already.

“I'm afraid so, this things good but when it hits a Smith or Jones it needs more info to get working.” he shrugged.

“Well it looks like the deals off then.” Emily said dejectedly,completely the opposite to Tracey's mood.

After paying for the pizza he left and Tracey tore into Emily who for her part excused it all as a joke. Then she dropped a bomb shell,

“I could of sold you anyway if I wanted to, I know where you keep your pay slips don't you worry,”

All of a sudden Tracey's anger drained from her and she was once again excited, she could have been sold to the pizza man,how exciting was that. He no doubt would have had his fun with her and then sold her on, God knows where she would of ended up.

“I should write the number down for next time and get you off my hands for good.” Emily snapped.

Crazily Tracey found herself apologizing for being angry and desperately trying to appease the slave. It was all mad, she was apologizing for almost being sold by her own slave!

It seemed to work though and soon Emily was calm again and Tracey was back to thinking how exciting it had been standing naked in front of the pizza guy being sold as if she was a piece of livestock which she knew of course that girls increasingly were.

Life carried on over the next few days, work continued to be as annoying as ever and as far as she knew the bosses had even forgotten that she had Emily at home, certainly nothing was ever mentioned of it. It was loudly announced on the staff noticeboard that eighty percent of the company’s female staff were now slaves with a bold big letter statement,

Come on Guys, let's try and make it 100% by Christmas

Christmas was three months away and Tracey wondered what the free girls working for the company thought of that, including her. The future looked bleak!

Emily was basically sitting at home while Tracey worked, she now had full access to Tracey's wardrobe and spent more and more time dressed in Tracey's clothes. She had even gleefully told Tracey one night that she had gone down the shops that day dressed in one of Tracey's dresses. In a way that didn't particularly bother Tracey but what Emily said next certainly did bother her.

“Oh I bumped into the neighbour Mrs Chambers as well, had a good old chat,” she laughed, “ God that woman can chat for England, a right nosey parker as well, apparently she'd heard there were two slaves living in your house now, no I told her, only one slave.”

Tracey was startled as Emily was dressed when Mrs Chambers saw her she would assume that Tracey was the slave and Mrs Chambers was well known for being the biggest gossip in town, she couldn't control her anger and blurted out,

“You stupid girl, she will think I'm the slave then.”

for a second Emily just grinned and then giggled,

“Oh yes your right, well you'd better play along then, you know the penalties for pretending to be a slave and she said she was going to tell everyone she knew, she said it was about time somebody put you in your place.”

Tracey had fallen out with Mrs Chambers recently over something petty and she knew that was the kind of thing she would say and she probably would tell everyone she knew, which was a lot of people, this was getting out of hand, she'd flashed the paper boy, been fucked by the window cleaner and nearly sold to the pizza guy and now her gossipy old neighbour thought she was a slave!

“Oh and she's invited me to a party she's having at her place Saturday night, you don't mind if I go do you?” Emily smiled sweetly, “ apparently practically the whole neighbour hood is going, well the important ones anyway, give me a chance to meet everyone and get to know them, have a good chat.”

Tracey was shocked, she'd never been invited to one of Mrs Chambers parties before, what would Emily chat to these people about, she was only a slave after all although Mrs Chambers didn't know that!

“Of course you go, have fun.” she managed to blurt out seeing Emily's questioning look.

“Oh great, I haven’t been to a party for ages.” Emily squealed excitedly.

Of course you haven't your a slave. Tracey thought silently.

“I would take you but it could be dangerous for you, most of the guests already think your a slave and they all will by the end of the night, and well you know what some men are liable to do with slave girls.” she shrugged her shoulders smiling.

Tracey hated the way Emily was smiling at her, all patronising and insincere but not being able to think of some witty comeback she smiled as well and simply said thanks and then got on with cooking the dinner, another of Emilys job that she somehow found herself doing nowdays.

Saturday came and she found herself busy doing Emily's hair and make up for her. She must admit she did look stunning when she finally left for the party and despite herself she couldn't go to bed until Emily got home. When she did stumble through the door Tracey noticed that it was gone 2a.m and that Emily was drunk, very drunk. She seemed to have had a good time though and between the drunken giggles she managed to get out of her that she'd liked everyone and they had liked her.

“Everyone seemed to like you too though, “ she slurred, “All the men seemed to know you, a few called you that big titted bimbo,” she giggled,” they're all glad your a slave now, some of them said they might come round soon and have some fun with you if that was alright by me, I said of course it was.” she laughed sleepily.

“But I'm not a slave.” she pointed out.

“Oh well I told everyone at the party you were and you'd never guess who was there, that nice paper boy, he was someone’s son or something and he backed me up, so you may as well be a slave.” she said dismissively, her eyes almost closed.

Tracey knew Emily was right, with the paper boy there to back her story up what chance did she have, she would definitely have to lay low for a while!

Emily had other plans for her of course and they started the next morning. Both girls were still naked in bed when the unmistakeable noise of the ice cream van came down the road, it's merry jingle blasting them both awake. Emily moaned, her sore head obviously upset by the noise, and blinking herself awake she pulled the duvet off them both and slapped Tracey's exposed rear,

“Come on lazy bones, get up and go and get me an ice cream, I really fancy one.”

The harsh slap had jolted Tracey awake even if the vans jingle hadn't and she wearily got out of the bed and reached for her dressing gown but before she had a chance to put it on Emily, who had been watching her, merrily said,

“Oh no you don't princess, it's about time you showed yourself off outside.”

Tracey stood beside the bed in shock looking down at her, surely she was joking, she couldn't imagine walking out of the flat into the public street without a stitch on!

“But they will think I'm a slave.” she protested waving her arms around to symbolise everyone.

“They already do after last night, I made sure of that, now get your naked backside out there and get me an ice cream, anyway I bet everyone out there has seen a naked slave girl before.”

A large part of Tracey hated Emily right now but a large part knew that she was right, although undoubtedly a huge step for her she would be just another naked slave girl outside. Could she do it though, her head shouted no but her pussy shouted yes with an equally loud voice.

“Go on then, what are you waiting for.” Emily prompted from the bed and and taking a deep breath she abandoned her reach for her gown and grabbed her purse instead and strode out of the bedroom without a backwards glance, reached the front door, hesitated, and then turned the door knob and opened it and walked out into the sunny outside without a stitch on.

Blinking in the bright sunlight she saw that the van had parked one hundred yards away and it already had a small crowd of excited kids around it with their slightly less excited parents standing a few feet back watching.

Not believing she was doing this she walked briskly towards the van hideously embarrassed and incredibly excited in equal measure. To her it seemed like every pair of eyes in the vicinity were on her naked body as she crossed the street and joined the queue at the van. Although she was the only adult in the queue and certainly the only stark naked one in the area there were plenty of grown ups admiring her as she waited.

To make her ordeal worse the queue was moving very slowly and she had to stand there for all to see for some time and then it happened,

“Hello Tracey, so the stories are true.” she heard a woman’s voice say and she looked to her right and saw Judy Jones standing a few feet away and smiling at her. She was a woman she didn't really know but exchanged pleasantries with when they saw each other, a pretty middled aged woman above slavery age who always had an annoying habit of making Tracey feel like she was looking down on her. She was probably at the party last night and had heard the stories and now the evidence was standing in front of her.

Tracey didn't really reply, just smiled and kept her head bowed looking at the ground which had suddenly become very interesting.

“I've always thought you'd make prime slave material what with that cute body of yours, I can see why some of the men last night were talking about paying you a visit now.” she laughed blatantly looking Tracey up and down. Tracey felt like she had to say something but all she could manage was,

“Thank you.”

“Oh don’t thank me, thank the men after they have finished with you although from the way they were talking there won't be much left of you to do that.” she laughed gaily as if she was discussing the weather, “indeed Frank Roberts said he was going to make those large breasts of yours into purses, won't that be fun.” she giggled.

“Won't that be fun!” having her tits cut off and turned into a purse, that didn't seem like fun to Tracey. Still staring at the ground she didn't say a word though and Judy said,

“I'm going to make a few phone calls to tell everyone it's all true and then you can expect a visit Missy.” she laughed and turned and started walking away holding her phone to her ear but before she did Tracey was aware that she was taking a few photos of her. Great now there were photos of her naked in public, evidence that she was pretending to be a slave!

She was brought back to the present by reaching the front of the queue and the ice cream man leering at her and asking what she wanted. She suddenly realised that she didn't have a clue and just said the first thing that came into her head, a simple ice cream cone. Taking it from the man she quickly crossed the road just wanting to get back indoors as quick as possible and she breathed a huge sigh or relief when the door shut behind her.

Emily was up now and to rub salt into the wounds was wearing Tracey's dressing gown! Tracey explained what had happened and to her annoyance Emily seemed to find it all very amusing and then started rummaging in Tracey's underwear drawer before triumphantly pulling out one of Tracey's pay slips and started to copy something down onto a piece of paper.

“What are you doing?” Tracey asked surprised.

“Just writing your National Insurance number down and then I'm going to call that nice pizza man back and see if he still wants to buy you, I may as well get some money for you while I still can.” Emily laughed and all Tracey could do was lick her ice cream and wait.