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Caught Wet Handed Chapter 4

2023-01-21 01:33:52

Chapter Four
by Simon Fear

My name is Stacy Powell. I’m 18 and a senior at the High School in the town where I live, and I live with my mom and dad and two oldest twin sisters who are 20. I am 5 ft. 2in. at a 105 lbs. with red hair to my neck, perky 34b cup tits, and a nice round and firm ass. I have fair skin with a pinkish tint to it. I now have a girlfriend whose name is Jill. She is 19 and works as an exotic dancer for the K.T.’s Gentlemans Club 5 miles out of town. I had gone to K.T.’s to buy a vibrator, and the events of that day had led me to getting caught by a pretty female Police Officer Ivy Summers, which turned out to be a blessing, and then caught by Jill’s boss and couple of the girls she works with, and then being caught at home by my mom and two oldest sisters. Mom had been outraged, and she told dad about it. He wasn’t as upset as I thought he would be. He told me that I was woman now, though it was hard for him and my mom to accept and that I would be trying new things out, and what I did with my sexual pleasures was my own business, but to be more discreet about where I do them. He said he could ground me, but that probably wouldn’t do any good as I could still sneak out, and my car was owned by me, so he could not take it away. He said that they could take phone priveledges away, but I pay my own cell phone bills, so that wasn’t an option. He told me I wasn’t too old for a spanking, but he didn’t think it was right to that to me for what I did. What it came down to, was that for 2 weeks I was to do all the house cleaning. He said my sister’s could not help. I was to make sure that the house stayed nice and clean, no dirty dishes, no laundry sitting around, etc... He knew I hated cleaning, but I agreed as I was getting off way easily. Jill had called me that evening about 6pm during one of her breaks and I told her everything. She thought it was sexy, and that it was getting her hot thinking about me fucking myself with my new vibrator out in my backyard. She said I was beginning to become an exhibitinist. I had never thought about being an exhibitionist, but I realized that I had been turned on that day from being caught, and doing naughty things in the open. Jill told me that she loved being an exhibitionist and exploited it every chance she could. She said that after she started working at K.T.’s she would get naked at home, and just run around he place like, outside and inside. She said the first time her mom came home from work and caught her walking from the mailbox naked in broad daylight she was shocked, but she got used to Jill running around the house nude, even when she was home. Jill now has her own apartment and she never wears clothes at home, and keeps all her curtains pulled back. I was getting so horny thinking about Jill naked at home, people being able to see her through the windows. After I got off the phone with her I got to thinking about exploring this whole new world of exhibitionism. I knew it would take time to be able to do extreme voyeurism, but I could take baby steps. First thing I did was I open the curtains of my windows in my bedroom which looked out onto the street in front of our house. I have to windows, which are about a foot from the floor and go 5 feet high, and 2 feet wide. I knew that anyone looking in could see me from my head to my knees so I would be on full display. I was really nervous thinking about exposing my body to my neighborhood. I walked around my room trying to get the nerve, and I decided to do it slowly. I knew I couldn’t just looked out the window as it would show I was doing it on purpose, I wanted to act inocent, so I acted like I didn’t even know my curtains were open, and with my back to window, I untied the string to my purple sleeping pants, and let them fall to the floor. I wasn’t wearing any panties, so my bare ass was now on display. I turned to the side and bent over and picked up my pants. As I straightened up I acted like I was searching the pockets of my pants, while I looked out the corner of my eye to see outside without fully turning my head. It was still daylight out and wouldn’t get dark till 8:30. My heart was beating fast as I saw our neighbor across the street walk out of his front door. His name was Dale and he was 27 and fairly handsome. He had dark brown hair and was pretty trim. He is married to Desiree a very pretty lady of 22. She had long brown hair and had an hour glass figure. They had moved into our neighbor a year ago were a very nice couple. As I watched him walked to end of his drive to his mailbox, my pussy started dripping. I kept acting like I was looking in my pockets. He started going through his mail, when his wife walked out of the house and came to him. She was stunning. She was wearing a baby blue halter top, which stopped at her navel, and a low riding red mini skirt. I decided I had checked my pockets long enough and walked over to my dresser which was close to the window. My front was now slightly angled toward them, as I kept watching them out of the corner of my eyes. My movement must have caught Desiree’s eyes, as she looked up my window. My heart leapt into my throat as I new she saw me. I started rummaging around in my dresser drawer, still acting like I didn’t know my window was open, as I kept watching them. Desiree kept watching me, and I saw smiling as she leaned into her husband and whispered something into his ear. She must have told Dale cause then he looked up and saw me, and started grinning. I then acted like I found what I wanted and pulled out a pair of pink with orange striped socks. I then turned my back to the window and to my bed and layed the socks down. I knew I could still be seen, but I didn’t look back, so as not to be obvious. I then walked into my bathroom, out of sight for the moment and grabbed my hair brush. I walked back out and to my dresser again, making sure my whole front was to the window, showing off my pussy, which now dripping madly. I kept my head pointed down looking at my brush, as I started pulling stray hair out of it. As I was doing this still facing the window, I glanced with my eyes, and saw that Desiree and Dale were still at their mail box, but were now facing my house. They were acting like they going through the mail, but kept glancing up my window. I then decided to go a step further. After pulling the stray hair out, I placed the hair brush down on my dresser, and faced my big mirror, which put my side showing. I then grabbed the hem of my black t-shirt and pulled it up over my head exposing my 34b cup tits to my neighbors. I let my shirt fall to the floor and I continued to stare at myself in the mirror. My nipples were erected, and were feeling sensitive. I glanced to window with my eyes again, and saw that Desiree and Dale were staring fully at me. I continued to act like I was looking at myself, as I reached up and cupped both of my breast gently squeezing them. I then started rubbing my nipples with my fingers tips as I continued to watch them. Desiree was whispering in Dale’s ear as I saw his hand move behind her, and I knew he was grabbing her ass. Desiree whispered in Dale’s ear and then they turned around and started walking back to their house. I then noticed that not only was Dale grabbing Desiree’s ass, he was doing inside her skirt. I thought they were going to go in their house, but instead they walked over to their bench swing that they had in their front yard and sat down in it, facing directly at my window. I thought they had given up watching but the Realized that they hadn’t enough. I was surprised that Desiree was letting watch me, but then some women don’t mind their guys looking at other women. They continued looking my way, so I decided to keep giving them a show. I then pick of my hair brush, and slightly turned toward the window, showing a little of my front and started brushing my hair. I kept watching My neighbors, as I saw Dale’s arm go around Desiree’s neck and then his hand dropped over her shoulder just resting on her left tit. Dale began squeezing her tit as they continued watching. His hand then went inside her shirt as he continued to rub her. I was getting really horny by now, and decided to do more. I dropped my hair, making it looked an accident. I then turned my back to the window and bent over exposing my ass to them and causing my cheeks to spread. I knew that was pussy was on display and I could feel my juices flowing. I then face my mirror again and glanced back at them. Dale’s hand was still inside her shirt massaging her tit, but now her hand was on his crouch rubbing him. Her legs were now spread and I could that she was not wearing any panties. I finished brushing my hair and layed the brush down. I glanced at my reflection and knew what I wanted to do. I started rubbing my tits again, pinching my nipples. “MMMMM you are loving this aren’t you Stace,” I said to myself. I slowly started trailing my tummy with my right as I continued to rub my tit with my left hand. I glanced back at the window and saw that Dale and Desiree were still watching me. I ran my finger over my nether lips and the moisture. I slowly slipped my finger through the folds of my lips as I touch my hardened clit, causing me to gasp. “OOOHH Stace you are so hot, so wet, MMMMM” I continued to rub my clit bringing chills up my back. I didn’t even bother to glance at the window now, I knew they were still watching and I was going to give them a show. I slid my finger into my pussy, feeling the slickness and heat of my inside. I started finger fucking my pussy as I closed my eyes. “OOOHHh fuck Stace, you are so naughty. UGGGhhhh this feels so good, you know you love it. I spread my legs further and stepped back and then moved my left hand to dresser top as I leaned against the dresser, pushing my ass out. I could feel my orgasm starting to build deep inside, as I continued to fuck my pussy for my neighbors. My girl juice was flowing over my hand and down my thighs as I thrust another finger up into my pussy. “UGGGHhhhh, oh fuck yesss,” I moaned softly. I had to keep my voice, though it was hard so I wouldn’t alert my family what I was doing. “OHHHH damn this feel so good, OOHHHhh I’m so close.” I could feel my orgasm close to the edge when I felt the handle of my hair brush against my finger tips. A naughty thought popped into my head as I withdrew my finger from my pussy. I picked up the hair brush and looked at it. The handle was smooth and round. It was thin about 1 inch thick, and 4 inches long. It was small but it would work. I ran my juice coated hand over the handle getting it slick, and then placed it my lips as I kissed it. Then I open my mouth as I slid the handle in tasting my juices on it. I sucked on it for a few seconds then pulled it out. I trailed the end of the handle around my tits, and then down my tummy and then pelvis as I felt it touch the outside of my pussy lips. I slowly slid it between my slit getting it coated with my juices. Then I turned facing the window at first and then on around with my as to my dresser. I then stepped and leaned against the dresser with my ass as I spread my legs again. Slowly I pushed the end of the handle into my pussy. It slipped in easily as I burried it in my pussy to the hilt. Then I slowly began to fuck myself again. “OOOHHHH fuck Stace, why didn’t you ever try the brush before, it feels so wonderful.” I continued fucking myself, picking up the pace. “UGGGhhh yesss fuck your little pussy, MMMMM OOHH yess that feels so good.” I could feel my orgasm getting close and I knew it would not take long to cum. “OOOHHH fuck yourself, UUGHHhh shit yess, UUGHHHh.” I reached up with my left hand and began squeezing one tit then the other, pinching my nipples in the process. “UUGGGHHhhh ohhh fuck I’mm gonna cum, OHHHh fuck me, UGGGHhhhh yessss, UUGGGHHhh AAAHHHHHh.” I clamped down my hand and brush as my orgasm erupted, gushing my juices out as I struggled to keep my voice down. I kept thrusting the handle in and out, keeping my orgasm going. “UGGHHhhh fuck ohhh yesss fuck me,” I grunted through clenched teeth. I thrust the handle in one last time and held it as a second orgasm erupted, gushing more juice out. “UUGGGHHHHH,” I grunted. I held into the brush as my body spasmed. After what seemed like forever, my orgasm began subsiding as I eased my soaked hair brush out of my pussy. I finally opened my eyes, as I tried to catch my breath. I glanced to the window to see my neighbors. Dale had pulled Desiree’s tit out of her top and was squeezing it, but to my surprise I noticed that Desiree’s eyes were squinched shut, and she had her hand down inside the front of her skirt, and her legs were clenched shut, and I saw that she was breathing hard, as I could see her hand movement under her skirt. She was beginning to relax her body as she slid her hand out from her skirt. Wow she had fucking herself right there in the open and had cum right with me. Dale took her hand and began sucking the juices off her fingers. The Desiree tucked her tit back into her top and they both stood up and walked back to the house. As Dale walked in Desiree turned back and looked at me and smiled and then to my shock she waved and blew a kiss at me. I started blushing as I returned the wave. Then she turned back to her house and just before she went through the front she reached back and hiked the hem of her skirt up to her waist exposing her firm sexy tight ass to me, and then walked in. WOW Desiree had known I had been doing it on purpose and even knew that I had been watching them. I picked up my shirt off the dresser and used to wipe my juices off my pussy and legs, and then I used it to mop the juices that had gushed onto my floor. After I was finished I threw my shirt and pj bottoms into my clothes hamper, and went to my bathroom and took a shower. It was 8:00 pm when I got done, and I walked back out into my room naked. I didn’t close my curtains as I got my clothes out for the morning, and then I called downstairs and said I was going to sleep early. I turned out the light and hopped into bed, as I was pretty tired from the day’s events. I was thinking about how I would be enjoying this new exhibitionist life style as I closed my sleep and drifted off to sleep.