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Sybil, A Story About Interracial Slavery

2023-01-20 21:54:40

Sybil, A Story About Interracial Slavery

This is a story about a young and very naive white girl's travels through submissive interracial sex and slavery. After reading about these terrible events in history her guilt has become an obsession to right the terrible wrongs that many young black girls had to endure as a slave over 150 years ago! She eventually sees herself as a white slave girl to black abusive slave owners, quite the reverse of what actually happened.

Sybil was a most interesting young woman she had grown up in poverty, her mother had died of some obscure health defect when Sybil was but 2 years old. Her father was much older poorly educated and knew little about raising children much less a young girl. He had enlisted the help of a local girls school and this allowed her to live at home. Sybil had led a simple life and was sheltered from most every thing society had to offer, both good and bad.

Her father was an introvert that had few friends and a very low paying job. They had little in the way of money or earthly possessions, but always seemed to barely scrape by. For the girls school and the head mistress she had become a kind of mascot that others tolerated as just part of the school. This is where she spent her early years and went through puberty, because she presented herself as a plain looking naive young girl few, including the students or teachers took little interest in her or made any effort to befriend her. She was,... well just Sybil, the school mascot.

She grew up pretty much by herself, books and the library was her favorite place. She was an avid reader and for some reason loved early American history and became quite fascinated by all of the events that surrounded slavery. Especially the thought of someone actually owning another, the fact that most all of the slaves were black and their masters and plantation owners were white almost immediately left her with the feeling of sympathy and guilt!

At around the age of 15 she had her first real sexual experience. She was at school and had gone to the restroom while class was still in session. All of the stalls had open doors and in one was an older girl with her skirt up and panties around her ankles, masturbating! Sybil was shocked, and frozen as she watched in awe as the girl orgasm! The look on her face and the almost indiscernible sounds of erotic moaning and gasping the girl made “scared” her!

Sybil thought at first that this girl was having some sort of female difficulty that had somehow caused her to be so “distressed”. Still she stood there transfixed fascinated and unable to move, but was quite relieved when the girl finally opened her eyes and smiled as she caught her breath.

She was still standing there as the girl pulled her panties up and her skirt down, the girl stood up straightened her skirt and blouse but was still barely trembling from the wonderful feeling of sexual release and said to Sybil whats wrong? Haven't you ever masturbated before? Sybil was speechless and stammered no, no... I don't know what you mean?

The girl then said silly all the girls do it! Then said hesitantly with some concern realizing that Sybil was different, saying mater of fact tone it is a way to,.. you know, to get off to relax from all the pressures of school and aggressive boyfriends. Sybil had neither problem, loved school and had no boyfriend. Still not understanding, the girl then said your pussy, “stupid”your clit, haven't you ever played with it?

She of course had some really funny feelings down there from time to time, but had no idea what had caused it. Sybil was light skinned almost anemic and her body was not perfect or free of blemishes she also had a mild case of acne. To everyone she was just Sybil,.. she had fairly good sized boobs with big nipples and had become quite shapely for a girl her age. But was to most just a plain dark haired looking girl, her hand me down clothes and the way she dressed did little to enhance her beautiful 38” D size breasts. This left her looking not so particularly attractive with a round face big eyes and a bit of a pixie nose. One at first glance would think she was more impish than cute. The fact that she kept her straight black hair in a pony tail low on her neck made her look in some ways a bit older and matronly.

Sybil then said no,... play with what? The girl then looked at her with a most “incredulous” look of wonder, and disbelief you mean you never have,... “played” with yourself? The look on her face changed to concern as she said maybe I can help? The girl then said come here, and took Sybil in her arms and at first hugged her, then kissed her on the lips! Sybil did not know what to do, never having anyone even her father hug her like this much less kiss her. The girl then turned her around hugging her again only this time from behind and whispered in her ear let me show you. The girls warm breath in her ear the closeness and feeling of her after being kissed was also strangely exciting and appealing.

Her hands reached around cupping Sybil's breasts and then squeezing her big nipples through her thin blouse and bra. Then they descended to the waist band of her skirt followed by slipping her hands down the front and into her panties,...down towards her most private of parts! Sybil now frozen, just stood there petrified as more strange flush feelings she had never felt before, seemed to come from nowhere! Then the girls right hand slowly worked its way around to her backside and onto her bare bottom! As the girls left hand descended to her apex, and was now fingering her sweet pink little folds.

The feeling was electric and almost instantly produced a moist wonderful sensation, one what had so far, never been tapped. After several moments of stinky finger in a slit that had never been stimulated the girls fingers had found Sybil's clit! At first she barely squeezed it, “Sybil gasped out loud” this was followed by forcefully pulling on it and then rubbing all around it stopping to really rub on the part between it and her pelvic bone. She kept the pressure up with her left hand and was gently and lovingly squeezing one of Sybil's soft round ass cheeks with her right as she pushed her forward!

Sybil had no idea what happened next,.. as the very first orgasm of her young life literally exploded from the sexual nerve endings, her body was more than ready but had no previous experience with this most wonderful feeling as her knees just gave way, leaving this older girl struggling to hold her up! OMG! She had nothing to compare it to as the girl just let her slide down to sit helplessly on the floor!. Now it was she with her heart pounding, that was gasping for breath as this incredible feeling slowly started to fade leaving her just sitting there.

The girl was all smiles never having introduced another to something so intimate and obviously so pleasurable. Saying,.. see how wonderful it can be, and you can do it almost anywhere. Just think about your most intimate sexual fantasy's when you do it and you can have another experience just like the one I... gave you. As she walked off leaving Sybil still sitting there on the restroom floor.

She was stunned,.. as she sat for what seemed like hours but was actually only minutes. Thinking and trying to put everything that had just happened into some sort of reasonable order.

She was slowly able to get up, but her legs were still weak and unsteady. It took several more minutes in order to stand without holding onto something. Oh My! What an unexpected experience and wonderful one at that, as her composure finally returned.

Back in class she was sure that everyone was looking at her and that they all knew she just experienced her first sexual orgasm. She was still quite flush with guilt all over her face, and her panties were even wetter than ever, she felt so humiliated at the thought that others ,..knew? The only one that really knew, and was quite aware was the older girl who was in the same class. The one that had only minutes before helped her experience this wonderful feeling and she,.. was the one that looked at her with a knowing smile, while Sybil squirmed uncomfortably.

Sybil was barely able to look the girls way as she still felt so humiliated and embarrassed. This was also a new feeling and something that seemed to be even more sinful and erotically appealing. The thought now of being in front of others naked and having to do nasty naughty things while they watched, left her heart pounding and her formerly anemic white tissue even more flush!

All of these new perverse thoughts and feelings were shattered by her name being called, the class was over and most everyone had left. The teacher said Sybil, Sybil,.. are you all right dear? Going on to say you look so flush child are you ill, I think you need to see the school nurse? Sybil finally came to her senses with a start, as she said in almost a whisper no, no.. I am fine and will be alright, feeling even more guilty that she had been caught, thinking about such sinful thoughts. As she got up, and left the classroom she was uncertain about everything,.. her normally bland and emotionless world had been turned upside down, her new found sinful and erotic feelings were quite mixed?...

In her room that evening she kept going over and over all of the things that had happened that day. Masturbation and watching someone actually do it! Seeing the other girls fingers in this so intimate naughty place. Being kissed by another girl and then to have almost a complete stranger easily bring her to orgasm?.. If this was not bad enough the thought of doing it to herself and that the girl said “Just think about your most perverse sexual fantasy's when you do it”!

Sybil had no fantasy's up until this point ,.. perverse or otherwise, but she did read a lot and some of what she had read about slavery and the naked young black girls being fondled and sold at auction, and then made to do perverted sexual acts had also given her some rather strange feelings? Apparently they were similar to the feelings she had earlier although much more milder. The things she had read about in the past that just seemed part of the story now became quite vivid as she realized the true meaning of those words! And all that went with them.

She almost fell out of bed at the realization as details and certain things she had read about finally dawned on her. The words and stories in the books she had read that never meant much before or that she had given little thought to in the past. Now became like a perverse color movie as if she was seeing it for the first time. The thought she was searching for came almost instantly and that was of her,.. as a young slave girl who had just been auctioned off by a despicable slave trader,.... was her! OMG! The thought left her body excitedly trembling in anticipation!.

The only difference from the history she read and the fantasy that was forming in her young mind, was the fact that she, as a slave girl was white and the slave trader was black! OMG! She thought to her self,.. as her fingers were getting closer and closer.

She was hesitant and almost afraid to touch herself thinking that nothing would happen ,..or that she would not be able to do, or find the same erotic spot! But there was little chance of that as there was no wrong way for her to do it. Especially for a naive and now horny innocent young girl who's sexuality had only just been aroused and that was earlier in the day at school.

The erotic sinful thoughts and her fingers met at the same time and this wonderful feeling quickly returned almost immediately, in only a matter of moments and with her heart pounding she experienced another orgasm! She laid there for a long time thinking, as she slowly recovered. Oh My! Could she do it again? This time it took a bit longer as she did what the older girl suggested.

Thinking about and fantasizing that she was a naked chained and very helpless slave girl that had just been fondled and had her tight little pussy fingered by a big black plantation owner. The one that had just out bid a number of other black men that really wanted to own her by offering a lot of money. She after being bought had imagined his large black hands caressing her breasts and nipples, then squeezing her bare white bottom before his fingers probed her tight slit and then poked through her pert lips and into her mouth as he told her to suck them so that she, the girl in the story could taste herself and see how wonderful this was!

But when the thought of these black fingers probing her slit and tweaking her clit before the fingers one at a time entered vaginal opening, a another “orgasm literally shook the bed”! She could not help it as the most sinfully perverse animal noise escaped from her young lips! Now she was really gasping for breath as she laid there on her bed with her nightgown open and the mattress and sheet literally soaked with more than just a little female ambiance, something that she had never experienced before.

Her father now a bit senile had heard her and the mild noises from first orgasm. He had no idea what the sound was and by the time he thought she was somehow having some sort of problem had heard the second even more sinful noise of a young woman now horny and investigating her sexuality even more aggressively the second time ! Thankfully she had thought to lock her door, as her father pounded on it trying to get in to see if she was alright! It took several minutes for Sybil to regain her composure as her father still pounding on the door again asking if she was alright.

She was Finally able to say dad,... I am fine don't worry , thinking quickly she said I just had a bad dream and I will be okay, as she was able to regain more of her senses. Wow! She thought to herself, I really can do this as the thought of her again momentarily naked humiliated and wearing only a slave collar being led off in front of numerous other black disgruntled men that lost the bid as they were getting a little enjoyment at her expense as they pawed her naked bottom and breasts.. The thought was fleeting, but oh was these thoughts and feelings even more sinfully erotic and intense!

As Sybil got older and during the next few school yrs she became more and more obsessed with slavery and masturbation! Her whole life revolved around both as she went from having no fantasy's to having dozens of them mostly about young white girls being sold at slave auctions to well to do black masters that only wanted these young women for their sexually depraved and abusive pleasure! She was still naive and sheltered of all the bad things that could happen to a naked young girl like her,.. even at 17.

In her senior year her father had become indigent do to Alzheimer's and now was in full time assisted living. Sybil loved him as a daughter and had taken care of him for as long and as best she could, but after he could no longer work, and she could not leave him alone. She realized that this was best for him and was the only way he could be cared for.

The problem was that all of his income was now going toward his care, leaving little for Sybil! The school and several of the teachers were helping her and one suggested that she apply for a scholarship at one of the all black small colleges and that she could easily qualify do to her total lack of income and her incredible academic knowledge of black African history. Especially everything that had to do with slavery during that period,..and this alone would easily get her excepted.

All of the paper work along with recommendations from several of the teachers and with the application complete and sent. It was only a matter of time before she was accepted. She would have room and board, subsistence and a small amount of money to spend. To her it was as if she was rich as it was much more that she had ever had before. After graduation she had visited her father,.. they had never been close but he was still her father, and was now totally out of it, having no idea who this young woman was that had come to tell him she was leaving?

With mixed emotions she packed her bags and few possessions and was excited to be boarding a bus to her new world of higher learning. But the education she was going to get was one that would shake her naive world to its very core! One that she could never have imagined and would reflect on all of her fantasy's about slavery and brutal sex, and that she would be on the receiving end of all,.. she had fantasized about!

For Sybil in the girls school she had never been treated badly nor had she been discriminated against even though she was dirt poor, and a strange little thing to most. The college she was to attend was an all African American school of higher education. On her application she had stated with her teachers help that she was Caucasian, however their had been a miss print and some one had changed it to Cajun. So when she showed up for registration it was assumed because of her fair white skin that she was some sort of mulatto and that her her ethnic back ground was not an issue?

Her first taste of real discrimination was after registration when she was assigned a dorm with another young black girl. This girl raised all kinds of holy hell, and was not going to live in the same room with a white girl! This had never happened before and presented a problem that none at the college knew quite how to resolve. Finally after some bickering one of the older black girls who's name was Triva agreed to let Sybil stay in her dorm room, but unknown to her she was a very aggressive lesbian and was going to have some fun, and it was going to be at Sybil's naive expense!

This older black girl had several perverse and devious ideas in mind for Sybil. That evening in her dorm room with her new found “friend”? Triva quite deliberately, went out of her way to befriend Sybil, she started rather disarmingly by telling her that all she wanted, was to be her friend, and that if she could do anything at all to help, all she had to do was ask.. This smooth tactic left Sybil willing to talk about almost anything that Triva asked!

After getting to know Sybil a bit better and finding out just how innocent and naive she really was,Triva asked Sybil to tell her everything about herself, her family and what she expected from college life. These questions were answered easily by telling Triva that her mother had passed away while she was a young child and her elderly father that had cared for her was in a rest home and that the girls school she attended near where she lived the teachers there had for the most part practically raised her ,and that she had no one.

This was followed by talking about her incredible knowledge of black African History and her passion for everything that had to do with slavery during the 1800s. Triva casually asked why she was so taken with this slavery thing that had happened so long ago and why would anyone care? Sybil was surprised that Triva seemed to be indifferent or have little concern about what had happened to these African slaves. Innocently with her eyes wide in excitement she blurted out that she felt genuine empathy and remorse for the young black girls that had to endure beatings, and almost every other kind of bazaar abuse and sexual torture imaginable! Going on to say that she felt quite guilty about what had happened back then and that it was quite unsettling and made her quite excited flush and strangely stimulated to talk about it!

Triva then asked Sybil several personal questions about sex. By now Sybil being naive and so innocently honest had little trouble answering these questions and the conversation quickly went from basic small talk to much more detailed answers about her sexuality.. Did she have a boyfriend, and was she still a virgin? The answer to the first question was no, she had no boyfriend and was not quite sure how to answer the second question?

Triva then asked rather bluntly, … you know had sex with a boy? The answer of course was no. The girl then asked one more question,... well then how do you, ..you know, get off satisfy yourself? Sybil still unsure of the question asked what she meant? You know masturbate?

Triva then asked now knowing that Sybil, so trusting would answer any questions about her most personnel intimate feelings and the question was still about masturbation? When did she start? Sybil had talked to no one after her first experience and it was a little embarrassing to do so now. Triva was most helpful and disarming as Sybil went on to explain many of her fantasy's along with fantasizing about them when she manipulated herself and that this had more that satisfied her over the last several years.

She also freely told about being kissed by another girl and how funny she felt with the girls hot breath in her ear. How her boobs and ass cheeks had been squeezed and fondled and that the girls fingers had brought her to this first incredible orgasmic climax that was so wonderful This along with the girls coaching led to her pleasuring herself ever since leaving out little of the details.

This included her fantasy's about being a naked young slave girl sold by black slave traders at auction to despicable black plantation owners for sex and that the thought of this happening to her was so incredibly overpowering and stimulating while masturbating was how she “orgasmed”!

Sybil was now quite flush almost crimson and embarrassed as she finally realized that she had Just confessed her most intimate, and personal sexual feelings to this older black girl. One she hardly knew, and had just met. Triva with false compassion sat down on the bed next to her and was trying to comfort her by hugging this young white girl and whispering in her ear that everything would be alright and that she knew just how embarrassed and humiliating it was to talk about such intimate things to a complete stranger.

Triva keep soothing her by saying don't worry I'm not a stranger any more, I care about you and saying I only want to help, as Sybil relaxed . She was starting to feel quite comfortable in this older black girls arms as it was now her, hot breath that was starting to bring about those same sexual feelings? OMG! Sybil thought as the sensations became more, more pronounced and stimulating. She then said to Sybil, show me? What? You know how you do it, and I what you to tell me everything that you fantasize about in detail when you masturbate! Sybil said everything?Her heart was pounding and she started to helplessly tremble with the thought of,..doing it in front of another girl!

But again in her innocent mind the thought, just like when she watched the other girl do it for the first time, was so sinfully appealing that for her, to do the same in front of another and that this person was an older black girl made her even more giddy and wetter that she could remember. Triva then unexpectedly pulled Sybil to her and this time genuinely said to her I really like you as she forcefully kissed her hard on the lips! The results were not nearly as shocking as what had happened the first time she just relaxed and let it happen. She was really enjoying the fact that another person actually wanted to kiss her and to her, that it was a girl made little difference.

Triva then helped her up and started to undo her blouse followed by her plain skirt then her bra and last her panties, Sybil still trembling from the kiss hesitated ...placing her hand on Triva's before removing her panties! But Triva in a stern voice said don't worry my dear. I want you completely naked just like you are when you do it at home! Sybil now nude was laying on the small bed that had been brought into the dorm room earlier for her, and had not noticed that it was in the middle of the room. Sybil then with Triva's help slipped one of the pillows under her bottom this arched her pubic area up quite sinfully vulnerable as her legs just naturally parted.

Then Sybil squeezed her big breasts together in between her upper arms as she closed her eyes and turned her head off to one side and obediently spread her legs even wider exactly like she had done almost every night over the past several year's Triva then said that's perfect just keep your eyes closed. Now I want to hear about the story, the things you fantasize about when you do it I want you to tell me every nasty perverted part of it.

Triva then quietly went into the another room as Sybil masturbated and started her story. She discretely called several of her lesbian girlfriends telling them you won't believe what this dumb little white bitch is doing in my dorm room! You need to come over and watch but be quite as you come in, my door will be unlocked!

Sybil then started this story by saying that she was an orphan, and as a young girl been sold to a slave trader that treated her poorly and at first because of her plainness and the fact that she had not developed yet made her of little value. She had been bought and sold several times and had done some domestic house work but no one seemed to notice or know quite what to do with her.

This was fine until one time around the age of 17 wearing only her old worn dress. She had been sent to the well for water. It was here that one of the plantation owners “big nasty dogs” had been nipping at her and had caught its teeth it the hem of her dress. She was scared to death of the dog and as she struggled to get free, her dress had been all but torn off, she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath, as she screamed and scrambled back towards the house. This would not have been a problem under normal circumstances but this time quite a number of black plantation hands were up at the big house and had ran smack into one.

Triva was now listening to every word and encouraging Sybil by saying so softly little things like that's nice and you go girl as several of her lesbian friends started to show up. All were in wide eyed wonder as they knelled down next to the bed and watched this horny naked little white girl pleasure herself as they listened to the story. They were having a hard time being quiet, but Triva shushed them up by holding her finger up to her lips!

The scene was quite erotic as Sybil withered and contorted as her fingers played their game in the pink little lips and folds as the story progressed. Now with four girls watching plus Triva all were starting to become quite aroused as they listened to this perverse story and the naked white girl that was telling it!

Sybil continued on,..the plantation hands or anyone else had paid little attention to her in the past, but now that they had seen her well developed young body entirely naked as she jiggled especially her large white breasts and full bottom as she tried to run from the dog! In her haste to get away from the dog she had grabbed this man's neck she had run into, and had jumped up wrapping her legs around him! The dog was still nipping at bare bottom, the problem was that this particular situation placed her bare stimulated pubic area directly on top of his manhood and she could feel it quickly becoming larger by the minute!

The plantation hand held her tight rubbing his bulge forcefully against her as she struggled to free herself. Several of the other men made crude and perverted sexual remarks as to what they were going to do next as they chased the dog off! Just as one was getting his big cock out, the plantation owner, a big black male hearing all of the ruckus hollered out to let her go!

The men quickly scattered in all directions not wanting to cause or get in trouble as this elderly man helped the young white slave girl off of the man that had been holding her. He did this by one hand and was easily holding her up with her bare feet barely touching the ground. The look of disbelief in his eyes as he gazed at her shapely nakedness in wonder as if seeing her for the first time? My goodness you are not a child at all and I got some plans for a tasty little thing like you! He then hollered for one of the hand's to take her to the barn and get her ready for auction!

Triva and her girlfriends were fascinated as they watched Sybil reach the first of several orgasms the look on her face how contorted it was in mock pain and real pleasure, plus the way her bottom and the muscles in them and her pubic area contracted raising her as she push her pubs up even higher as if trying to meet some sort of imaginary gigantic black cock!

The fantasy story continued with this young slave girl naked and chained to the wall in one of the slave stable's of the big dark barn. As night fell all sorts of strange sounds were heard and every shadow was something or someone that was coming to use or abuse her! She was helpless to resit and hung there naked by her wrists and was only able to get small fits of sleep! In the morning a bucket of “cold water” was thrown on her as she awakened from this fitful sleep with a shrieking scream the water had instantly made her nipples and clit very hard and incredible goose bumps also quickly appeared!

A slave care taker appeared that unchained her and took her to a place where she was cleaned up allowed to relieve herself and given something to eat. This was followed by taking her to the auction holding and viewing pedestals where her hands were chained above her head leaving her naked and precariously up on her toes! Her or each of those that was to be auctioned off could be viewed inspected probed and fondled in order to determine their value and worth. This inspection would determine how much each bidder would be willing to pay!

It was not long and around mid morning when the first of several prospective bidders arrived to preview the slave's to be sold she was not the only one, there was one other older buxom white woman with gigantic tits!

She, this young slave girl was now surrounded by five black prospective buyers, with her hands over her head this allowed them access and they enjoyed exploring her naked body and all were quite surprised when she experienced several orgasms one after the other as they expertly manipulated her. After recovering somewhat the young thing was quite surprised by the amount of people in attendance, most were men, she now started to become terrified at what she thought might happen to her?
She was brought up on the auction block along with this older white woman and like her, she was also totally nude, several of the bidders were amusing themselves by fondling and sampling the older woman's “more than ample” charms.

This woman was getting the most attention. She was probably in her early forties, was a bit over weight and quite buxom. At one time she had been very beautiful, and was still quite attractive. The person who owned her and was going to auction her off was the plantation owner he had been trying to convince the crowd of bidders that she was really special in that she had not only a most gorgeous full bodied shape, but also had incredible nipples, as well as an extremely large and very sensitive clitoris! She squealed as he roughly twisted both!

The auctioneers helpers had been forcing larger and larger very life like imitations of sexual male organs, these were hand crafted from different textures of dark leather the ends were turned up and all had rather large mushroom shaped heads! They had been in a large bucket of warm lard and the helpers were forcing them into her dripping pussy, several of the assistants held her arms and legs. As each phallic symbol was forced into her, they would spread her legs even wider, she was hollering very loudly and begging them to stop, but was not very convincing as her enormous clit was pinched and pulled by another helper!

The older gal was now the main attention of the auctioneer and the interested bidders. This coupled with these enormous male tools with curved large mushroomed heads would produced a rather sensational and animal sounding orgasm from her lips, as each time they worked her over! The sight and thought to those watching and to the girls listening to Sybil was so sinfully sadistic as they to were wet in anticipation as to what part of this perverted story was next!

This quite attractive older full figured woman was now on the auction block and the bidding had started. The plantation owner that was trying to sell her, had made her get down on her knees, tilt her head back and open her mouth, he then unzipped his pants and produced an enormous chocolate penis that was immediately shoved down her throat until his big balls were hitting against her chin. The bidding started and every time there would be a pause, he would ask her intimate questions about nasty sexual things she had done and that she was a good whore! It was impossible for her to answer with this gigantic cock in her mouth and could only gurgle as she was asked yes or no questions. This was done all through the bidding much to the crowds amusement and delight.

The bids got fewer and fewer towards the end and she was finally sold for $700 the person who bought her and the plantation owner that sold her seemed to be happy. The new owner unceremoniously jerked her off of the previous owners big black cock just as he came, leaving her with a partial mouthful of cum and shooting the rest all over her face and big bare tits, as he sadistically pulled her up off her knees and into the crowd!

She was still nude with her hands bound behind her back, he invited anyone to abuse her bare breasts, pussy or smack her bare ass. She was now starting to beg her new owner to please not hurt her, but her pleading was still not very convincing as several of the bidders had removed their belts and were trying to out do one another by whipping her big white shapely bottom as it turned a darker and darker shade of red!....

The sight she, Sybil was describing of this older woman's plight, along with all the attention that the young white slave girl was now starting to get and the detailed method of erotic abuse were most interesting to imagine as these perverse words came from her lips! Sybil even more flush with excitement, and the thought of it to her was a vivid experience that she was now imagining as she continued with this story.
Several black men from the auction had guided the young white girl over to the auction block she was struggling and trying to hold back, but their was nothing at all she could do to resist as they practically dragged her along!.

It took both of them to accomplish this. It was quite appealing to see first the attractive older women, and now the younger one being humiliated in front of this large crowd of people, along with everything else that had happened. But this event was really something, as the helpers proceeded with the younger girls similar abuse! With her hands now chained above her head it required one of them to pull and hold her little cunt lips open as far apart as he could, while the other spread several large gobs of lard all over one of large leather dildos and slowly forced it up into into her tight little virgin slit!.
The young girl started to plead please no, please don't do this as it slowly went in deeper and deeper! Her eye's were wide with fright and painful tears were rolling down her face as she groaned and started to cry! The sobs continued as she screamed the man pushed it in farther the young girl was now up on the tip of her toes holding her breath as the lifelike curved hard leather dildo was forcefully pushed up all the way into her sweet pink little virgin cunt until it all but disappeared,.. as the auction started!

Sybil now in a whispering voice experienced an incredible shuddering mind blowing sexual release that shook the bed and amazed those that were watching, they to had been holding their breath!
After this last orgasm Sybil opened her eyes and caught her breath, she was startled to see four young black women two on either side of the bed that were all smiles, they had been intently watching her and listening to the description of this so detailed story. Before she knew it they each had a tight hold of her arms and legs, as Triva said in a soothing voice let me show you another wonderful way to get off! Sybil did not need to be held down as she was again frozen and unable to move wondering what Triva and these girls were going to do? She did not have long to wait as the girls pulled her down towards the foot of the bed!

Another pillow was placed under her bare bottom that was now on the edge of the bed this pushed up her wet little folds even higher making her even more helpless and vulnerable as her legs were held wider and wider. Her pink little cunt now from all the attention opened up like a beautiful flower during a warm rain, one that had just bloomed and her formerly little pea sized clit was swollen up over twice its size like a dark red rose bud from her earlier sexual pleasuring of herself! Triva's with excitement and now almost animal lust in her eyes and the appealing anticipation at the thought of gorging herself on this almost virgin like young girls female treasures!

Oh my goodness, Sybil had heard about such things and had even fantasized about them but had never seen or experienced anything like what was about to happen. Triva now on her knees had firmly grabbed the inside of Sybil's thighs and was holding them apart even farther as Sybil's cunt opened even wider and her clit became even more pronounced! It was firm very sensitive and more than ready for oral attention!

A young girls first sexual experience was usually quite an event as most young girls passed through puberty, but Sybil with her sheltered past was still a prime candidate as at almost 18 she was still so ripe physically and emotionally and very naive never having much more than the intimate sexual thoughts and ardent aggressive masturbation. Triva could not resist her urges as her tongue first licked the most sensitive under side of Sybils swollen clitoris!

This was followed by sucking on it harder and harder Sybil was beside herself with incredible pleasure she never knew existed! Her mind boggling orgasm only moments ago was now quickly over shadowed by another one, that was so much better even more so than the last, Oh, Oh, Oh! Ooooo as she screeched twisted and contorted with all of her strength as Triva's girlfriends held her wide open and so very tight !...Oh My! How could it possibly be any better, but it was! As she finally slumped into a helpless blubbering piece of of sweet young and now very well used cunt meat!

Triva then realized after this little session that Sybil was hers for the taking and that she could really have some fun by easily placing her in any number of bizarre kinky sexual situations and that she,..Sybil would have no idea what would happen until it was way to late to stop or say no The first most interesting thing that Triva did, was to see that all of Sybil”s underwear conveniently seemed to somehow disappear?

Continued in chapter two