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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 11 Re-Issued

2022-10-21 00:41:36

Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 11 xnxx is now being re-issued as Part 11-Revised. by gregorthegrant
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Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 11-Revised by [email protected]
More strange adventures I must have imagined about my wife.

Sandra my new bride of less than a day and I went to the front desk. Tony was behind the desk like the day before. “Good morning Tony.” I said walking up to the front desk.

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. I guess you will be doing more sightseeing today. I know of a good place where most sightseers never get to see. Would you like to know where it is?” Tony asked. “Oh yes this is Joey. He is my apprentice for the day.” Standing beside Tony was a young man either in his late teens or early twenties. Joey was a black man and at least six-two wearing tight dark blue dress shorts and a tight white shirt unbuttoned to his waist emphasizing his huge muscular body.

“It’s nice to meet you Joey.” Sandra said as I watched her take good look at Joey from head to feet and looking directly at the big bulge in his tight dark blue dress pants. “That would be great Tony. I’d love to go where other tourists haven’t been before.” Sandra answered. “Is it okay with you Greg?”

I knew there was no way I could say no to Sandra. Besides it was our honeymoon, so why not, be adventures. “Sure thing Sandy it sounds like a great idea to me. I can talk to Joey while Tony goes over the map with you.” I answered.

“I have a map with directions to the place other tourists don’t get to see. I know men aren’t really crazy about reading maps.” Would you please come in the back in the back office Mrs. Thompson so you can have a look at the map showing directions to the unusual place?” Tony asked and smiled.

“Is it okay with you Greg?” Sandra asked licking her lips and looking at the bulge in Tony’s tight dark blue dress shorts.

I swore she licked her lips and was staring at the bulge in Tony’s dark blue dress shorts but it was probably my imagination running away with me and she didn’t look at the bulge in Tony’s pants. Did Tony have a boner? I wondered. “Maybe you can watch the morning news out here in the lobby while Tony shows me the maps.”

“It’s okay with me Sandra. You’re right about that, I don’t really like reading maps. When we leave you can give me directions where to go. I’ll just sit and talk to Joey while you go over the directions on the map to this mysterious place.” I answered and sat down in a lounge chair behind the front desk and looked up just as Tony opened the office door behind the front desk. I could have sworn Sandra’s hand groped the front of Tony’s tight dark blue dress shorts the same time Tony dropped his large black hand over the top of Sandra’s flimsy transparent blouse. I could even swear he tugged the top of her blouse and her left breast fell from the confines of her blouse just as the door closed behind them. But it had to be my imagination again playing tricks with my eyes.

“What are you doing Greg?” Joey asked distracting me from listening against the office wall. “This is going to be a great soccer playoff. I’m on the Ghana team and we play the Italian’s this evening. Will you and your wife be watching the game?”

“It depends if we’re back by then.” I answered. “What time is the game?”

“The game starts at nine. I hope you and Sandra are back to watch the game. Do you mind if I turn off the news and watch some American football Greg?” Joey asked. “Those guys really know how to play rough.”

“Go ahead and change the station. I wonder who’s playing today? I won’t get to see much of the game because as soon as Sandra finishes looking over the map and getting directions we’ll be off touring the mysterious place Tony told Sandra and I about.” I answered.

I sat back watching the football while Joey watched the football game in silence. It seemed forever since Tony and Sandra had gone in the office on the other side of the wall from where I was sitting. Then suddenly I heard some kind of thumping.

“Did you see that fumble Greg?” Joey suddenly yelled. “Pay attention to the game. I’m sure Tony is taking care of your wife, just fine.”

“Okay I’ll watch the game but I wonder what all the banging is in the office. Didn’t you hear the loud banging Joey?” I asked.

“Yes I did. It sounded like something falling on the floor. I wouldn’t worry about it though. I am sure Tony’s taking good care of your wife.” Joey answered. “Watch the game. It’s a great game.”

I kept watching the football game with Joey. Joey would cheer once in a while when one of the teams made a running pass. Then the office door opened. Sandra walked out with a big smile on her face. She was practically soaking wet with sweat. I also noticed most of the buttons on her blouse were undone and her large breasts were barely covered. Her shoulder length hair clung to her head. Only her huge hard nipples were keeping her blouse up. I looked down her beautiful curved legs and saw some thick white goo dripping down the inside of her leg.

Tony followed behind Sandra without his white T-shirt and the top button of his tight dark blue dress shorts undone. He was also covered in sweat and I could also see a big slimy glob at the end of the outline of where his cock was.

“Why are you guys soaking wet with sweat?” I asked. “It looks like you both ran the forty yard dash.”

“The air conditioner isn’t working in the office and there isn’t any window so it must be about 90 degrees in the office. That’s why we’re both covered in sweat.” Tony answered.

“I’m sorry we took so long Greg but I was getting confused with directions when Tony was going over the map.” Sandra said.

“What was all that banging going on in the office?” Joey asked before I even had a chance of asking Sandra about the banging we had heard coming from the office.

“I got so excited about what Tony was showing me the map and I accidentally pushed him and he fell on the floor along with everything on his desk. So we had to pick everything up again before he could go over the map again. I think I understand what Tony was showing me.” Sandra said when she leaned over me.

“I’m sorry but I wanted to get it right Greg.” Sandra also answered.

“It was sure hard to please her but unfortunately I guess I didn’t get satisfy her.” Tony said. “I hope you get to the place alright with what I showed you Sandra.”

“I think I can find it. But not positive I can but will do my best.” Sandra answered.

“I’m great at reading maps.” Joey suddenly spoke up. “I had a part time job as a tour guide back home. Maybe I should go over the map with you Sandra to make sure you understand what Tony was showing you?”

“You might be right Joey. I might have missed something Tony was trying to point out on the map and you being a great map reader could point something out to me.” Sandra said.

“You don’t mind do you Greg. You can finish watching the football game with Tony and tell him what he missed.” Sandra said and smiled walking up to Joey.

“No I don’t mind. Go ahead with Joey Sandra. I hope you can show Sandra how to read the map correctly.” I said.

“Okay Greg. I’ll show Sandra a thing or two in the back office. We might be awhile so enjoy the rest of the game.” Joey answered.

“Don’t take too long Joey. I want to actually see this place you guys are showing Sandra how to get to.” I said.

“I’ll try to hurry Greg. I want to make sure to go over every detail with your wife.” Joey replied. “I am kind of stiff waiting for Tony to finish with Sandra. Let’s go Sandra. I hope you won’t mind leaning over the desk to look over the map and I’ll try my best to do as good a job as Tony if not better.”

“The longer you two chit chat the longer it’s going to take us Greg. Come on Joey you have a hard job ahead of you teaching me about these maps. But then you probably had a good night sleep so are all fresh and eager for what you have to give me.” Sandra said and smiled. “See you soon Greg.” Sandra said walking opening the office door and beginning to walk into the office. Joey was right behind her and I swore he pushed the back of her skirt up and placed his big black hand on the back of her bare ass cheeks. At the same time I swore Sandra rubbed the bulge in his tight dark blue shorts as Joey followed Sandra into the office closing the door behind them.

“Do you mind watching the desk a few minutes while I go to the washroom? It was hard work helping out your wife Greg. I’m just sorry I couldn’t satisfy her completely with my skills.” Tony said. “I’m sure Joey will know how to read the maps and also satisfy her for a while anyway.”

“Satisfy my wife with your skills?” I asked.

“You know with the map, trying to teach her to read the map.” Tony answered as he walked past me at the same time dropping his hands to his side. “I really have to go Greg. I’ll be right back.”

“Fine I’ll hold down the fort Tony.” I answered and looked at the front of his tight dark blue dress shorts and thought I saw a large gob of thick white goo in the front of his pants with the top button undone as well as his zipper half way down.

“Nothing should be happening since you and Sandra are the only hotel guests this week except the different soccer teams. I’ll be right back.” Tony said as he walked across the lobby to the washrooms across the room.

I sat down and put my head against the wall between the front desk and the office next door. I could only hear muffled sounds. I thought I heard Sandra saying “Wow that’s even bigger than Tony’s.”

I then heard the crowd at the football game yelling. I watched the replay and saw Texas had made a kick off ending the first quarter. The announcers came on to make comments about the first quarter just as Tony came back from the washroom. He must have dried himself off while he was in the washroom. He still didn’t have his shirt on but the blob of white that had shown through his tight, dark blue dress shorts was gone only leaving a damp spot. “I see the first quarter is over. Did I miss very much?” Tony asked.

“Not really Tony.” The sports announcer is just going over the first quarter.

Suddenly from the other side of the office I heard some loud banging like I had heard when Tony and Sandra had been in the office. “That’s the banging I heard when you and Sandra were in the office.” I said.

“They must have gotten carried away again and fallen on the floor again. Joey must be doing a bang up job on Sandra. I know I did.” Tony answered.

“Did you say Joey’s doing a bang up job with Sandra just like you did?” I asked.

“Yes, you know, a bang up job going over the map with her.” Tony answered. “Hay, don’t worry about Joey and Sandra. The games back on. I am positive Joey’s taking real good care of your wife Greg.”

Tony and I sat back and watched the football game between Texas and Seattle what seemed a long time before the office door finally opened. Tony was soaked with sweat without his shirt. The top button of his dark blue dress shorts was undone as well his zipper. I was shocked when I saw his black crotch hair and part of his big black hard cock where his zipper wasn’t zipped up. “That was hard work getting through to your wife, Greg. I believe she got it this time though. It sure was so hot in there I had to take off my shirt and even open the front of my dress pants because I was so sweaty.”

“Yes I know what you mean Joey.” Tony said. “It sure was hot in there and hard to get through to Greg’s wife. I thought I had done a bang up job but I guess she needed you as well buddy.”

I noticed Sandra hadn’t walked out behind Joey. I was about to enter the office to see what was taking Sandra so long to come out of the office when she finally came out. She was even wetter than she had been when she came out of the office with Tony. Her hair was plastered to her head. Once more almost all her breasts were out of her blouse. It didn’t really matter if they were covered or not because the blouse was soaking wet and semi-transparent. I could see her entire huge breasts and especially her hard nipples. I looked down at her beautiful curved legs and saw even more white globs dripping down the inside of her legs.

“I know I have the directions correctly now Greg. Let’s get going before it gets too late. You did want to get back to watch the Italian and Ghana’s soccer game tonight. Didn’t you?” Sandra asked.

“Okay Sandra we’ll be off as soon as you run back to our room, shower and change.” I answered.

“We haven’t got time Greg. I’ll go the way I am. It’ll be fine. Don’t you think so Tony, Joey?” Sandra asked looking first at Tony then at Joey. “It’s a secret place so no one will see us anyway. Isn’t that right, guys?”

“You two should take a cab and ask him to let you out at the police museum. You looked at the map Sandra so you know the secret place is only around the corner from the police museum.” Tom said.

“That’s a good idea Tony. Can you call a taxi for us?” I asked.

“Yes I’ll call you a taxi Greg.” Tony answered.

Tony went to the office without closing the door and I heard him talking on the phone telling the person on the line he wanted a taxi and he gave the person directions to the motel and also told the person on the other end of the line to take us to the old police museum on Cordova Street.

Sandra and I waited in front of the big window waiting for the taxi to pull up. In no time at all a yellow cab pulled up. I held the door for Sandra to walk out. She walked over to the cab. I noticed the way the young black taxi man starred at Sandra as she walked outside. I didn’t’ say anything until Sandra and I were both seated in the back seat. I guess you know we want to go the old police museum on Cordova Street.

“Yes I know Sir.” The black taxi man said and pulled away from the curb heading down the street, turning here and there until he pulled up in front of an old building and stopped. I paid for the taxi after Sandra and I got out. It was a rather dreary neighborhood. “According to the instructions both Tony and Joey showed me the place is around the corner down the alley.” She said taking my hand and leading me to the corner and turning. She led me down a back alley. I didn’t see anything but garbage cans.

I looked down the alley and saw four police officers coming down the alleyway. One was on a beautiful chestnut colored horse while the others walked beside the horse. Three dogs came running ahead of the police officers. The police officers were all well-built I’d say in their mid to late twenties and black. I had to admit they all were good looking men in their uniforms. “Hold on there you two. What are you walking down here for?” The police man on the horse called down.

“We were told there is a secret tourist place down here.” I answered.

“Oh yes, you’re the two Tony told me about this morning. Come with us and we’ll be glad to entertain you.” The six four, black, muscular police officer said standing beside one of the big police dogs.

Suddenly four big police dogs ran ahead the tall police officers and started sniffing around Sandra.

END OF PART 11-Revised of this true adventure.
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