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One More Door

2022-06-25 00:00:03

One More Door

By Jax_Teller

The day was a typical day for an M.P. (Military Police) walking a beat, checking the doors along the route that should be locked. It was just after the building had closed and everyone should be out by now. The kitchen staff had just left and I had seen a few stragglers leaving the building my last trip past the main post. Still from time to time I would find someone working who hadn't noticed the time or the others leaving. I checked one of the usual areas to find stragglers the cafeteria, the door was not locked and the lights were on.

The sign indicated it was the supplementary cafeteria. I heard a commotion going on and radioed base that I was entering to investigate. I walked around the corner passing a vending area. I saw one guy lying on the floor bleeding from his face. Another guy was fucking this woman with her skirt hiked up around her waist, and her panties still on but around her ankles. The guy on the floor bleeding was moaning to the woman and she said “shut the fuck up and take notes limp dick.” He didn't seem capable of standing much less defending himself or her.

She on the other hand was pinned down to the floor and yet was rocking her hips to meet the thrusts of the man impaling her. The man looked over at me and rolled off the woman and turned to me and asked what the fuck I was doing. I pulled my pistol and radioed base the situation and requested backup and medical. I pointed my pistol at him and said “Base security freeze, don’t move.” He complied. I had him turn around and put his hands over his head. He started to turn but began to reach down for his pants.

I yelled at him to freeze and put his hands up. He said come on let me pull my pants up officer. I said not to move and he muttered under his breath “bitch.” My back up arrived and I kept my position until the suspect was handcuffed. Medical was checking out the man on the floor and asked the woman if she was ok. She said she was OK just to take care of her fiancé. I quietly mentioned what I had seen briefly to one of the EMT’s. He radioed for a rape case specialist. When all was said and done she refused medical and would not consent to a rape kit at the hospital. I did the paper work and helped transport the suspect to the station.

The next day I called the woman who I saw being raped and asked her if I could meet her to go over the report. She agreed and I went to base housing, to her home to talk her into pressing rape charges. The fiancé answered the door wearing a pair of women’s panties and a very short pink silk robe. His right eye was swollen shut and his face was already quite bruised. He led me into the living room area of the home and Angie stood and shook my hand. We both sat and she looked at David and barked at him, you are dismissed.

He left the room and we began going over the details of the night before. As I tried to get her to press charges of rape she said that you can’t rape the willing. I looked at her with total astonishment and disbelief. She said that she knew what it looked like but it was not rape. It was not planned or staged but it was consensual. She said David’s beating had gone too far but that it had been a test to see if David would at least attempt to protect her. She did not expect things to go that far, but that Markus had responded to an ad on the base message board.

I asked her why say it was consensual sex if he had gone too far. She looked at me and said at first she resisted as they had set it up for David to intervien. When David couldn't defend her she let Marcus fuck her while the wimp watched. Angie said that it had given her an orgasm all most immediately. I adjusted myself slightly in my seat not believing my own physical reaction and Angie said “yeah gets me wet thinking about it too”. I didn't respond but she was right, my nipples were hard and I was getting wet thinking about a big hard black cock fucking me while some inept limp fuck watched.

She said watch this, and barked to David and he appeared immediately. Then she told him to get the robe off. He flinched and did as he was ordered. The panties he had on barely covered his little hard on. She told him to slap the little pole or she’d handle it for him. He slapped his dick hard and winced at the pain. He stood there embarrassed, awaiting orders, and Angie told him to get out of her sight. As he trodden off she told him not to touch himself either. She giggled and asked if I would like to come back and talk some more about it when I was off duty.

I said “yeah”, and I think I said it too eagerly, but she said “you got my number call me”. I got an image of him handcuffed naked face down licking her pussy while fucked Him with a strap on, and then licked her to orgasm. My mental note vanished as I remembered I was still on duty, in uniform. As I got to my MP’s Truck I noticed how wet I was as I slid into the high up truck seat before closing the door.

I let a couple days pass but couldn't get the vision of him handcuffed out if my mind. I had never been turned on by handcuffing anyone or ever played with them sexually. But here I was on my day off soaking in a hot bath thinking about them again. So I called Angie and she said she was so glad to hear from me and asked if would like come over that afternoon. I said “yeah about 16:00, can I bring anything?” Angie said “only if you have a specific drink you like.” I said “OK then I’ll see you later.” I started getting ready.

I wore a black leather skirt, and a silky jet black tee shirt. I wore a thong and sports bra underneath with my over the knee high leather boots. As I walked up to the door my stomach was in knots as I knew this could hurt my career in the Marines. Angie opened the door and put her hand out to meet mine, she grasped my hand firmly but with great care. She was wearing very tight revealing shorts that almost looked like latex painted on and a loose men’s button up shirt with only one button buttoned. Her silky jet black hair was pulled back and braided. She asked if I would like a drink and offered me several drinks and I agreed to a whiskey mix.

I asked where David was and she said “the worm was still at work, and would be home in an hour or so.” Angie and I sat on the sofa and talked about marine stuff for a few minutes and then quickly the conversation turned to sexuality. I told her straight up that I was a bisexual and that I preferred females for more sensual encounters and men just for their dicks. She laughed and said she was pretty much the same but that she liked rougher sex better than traditional making love. I nodded in agreement that I sometimes liked rougher sex too. I asked about David and she said that he was a great guy and that he’d always been sort of submissive to her but not so much sexually until recently.

The other night was to see how he’d react to an attacker. He was a Marine, and she expected him to defend her, but Markus had caught him off guard. Although David was a Marine he’d been assigned to desk jobs most of his 8 yrs. in the Marines. He never had been deployed out of country and never been in combat. In fact there were talks of downsizing that would close his section down and to privatize the work load. The company that was seeking to do the exchange of work load had already made David an offer that was 7 figures with bonuses.

She said ok enough about David, what are you wearing under that skirt? I thought about it for a second and pulled the hem up to show her my thong. She got down to her knees and crawled up to my lap spreading my legs as she moved in closer. She ran her hands up my legs on the outside and stopped as she hooked her fingers on the waist band of my thong. I lifted my butt off the sofa and she pulled my thong off dragging it slowly down past my knees over my calf, and off my feet. Angie slid down to her knees between my knees, putting my legs over her shoulders and ran her hand over my mound and thumbed my clit as she went by it.

I shuddered and my nipples tightened. I needed this, but I had never been with anyone through work before. She licked and sucked on my clit, putting one and then two fingers in my pussy. She paused for a breath saying how wet I was. I took her head in my hand by her pony tail and rubbed my cunt into her mouth and she fingered me faster and deeper, bringing me closer to an orgasm. As I started to come she slipped her other two fingers in my asshole. She lapped up all the come and looked up at me with the biggest smile.

She slid up next to me on the couch and we kissed giving me the opportunity to feel her breasts through the loose top. She peeled off the shirt and we kissed and hugged some more. Angie pulled back and told me David should be home soon. I told her that I had a vision of what I’d like to do to him, and Angie only asked that she be allowed to fuck him too. We both looked over the strap on I had brought with me and agreed this was going to be fun.

David’s car pulled in the garage and Angie went to meet him. I heard her greet him and tell him that she had a surprise for him but he needed to go upstairs and give himself an enema and put on the pantie and bra set on the bed. Shortly after she came back in with a refill for my drink, David appeared shortly after Angie and he looked way to happy. I told him to get over here and kiss my feet. He did as he was told and then I told him to lick Angie’s toes and when he turned I swatted his pantie clad ass. He jumped slightly and said thank you Mame. I said good boy, and told him to count, as I began to spank his ass with my hand until he was good and red and beginning to lean away from my hand.

I told Angie to go get dinner ready. She gave me a look asking where I was going with this and I motioned for her to go. When she left the room, I told David he was to answer to Fag boy, and do as he was told or he would be severely punished. He said yes Mame, I told him to stand and let me see his pathetic little dick. He complied standing in front of me, and pulled the panties to the side and his six inch dick popped out. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it and led it into my mouth. I could see Angie in the doorway watching and rubbing herself, I grabbed Fag boy by the base of his dick and stroked until I could feel his cock head swell, and I pinched the base hard avoiding his orgasm and his erection faded slightly.

He groaned and moaned and I said now get your pathetic little dick to the table. Angie stayed at the door as he walked by her dejected and into the dinning room. Angie smiled at me and said that was so hot Mame. I took the title as her acknowledging my authority in our game. We ate a light meal, and then I told fag boy to clean up and fix us some more drinks. I went into the living room, and Angie followed I told her to get on her knees and I stepped in front of her as she did. I pulled my panties aside and led her mouth to my pussy.

Fag boy came in with the drinks and almost dropped them, seeing Angie on her knees in front of me. I told her to take her clothes off and lay on her back. She complied, and I told Fag boy to take his panties off and get on his knees and to eat her pussy. As he got in position I slid behind him and put my handcuffs on his wrists behind his back, leaving control of his face and head to Angie. She kept his face into her pussy by his ears. I pulled out my strap on cock from my bag and put it on, then I slid up behind him. Angie looked me in the eye as I put a glob of lubricant on his asshole. I touched my cock to his ass and she smiled at me and held his face tighter into her sex.

I pushed and watched as my cock disappeared into his asshole. I grabbed him by his cuffed hands and fucked him hard. He screamed for a minute until his asshole expanded while Angie held his face into her sex. Eventually all of my cock going deep in him he settled into his task. A few minutes of fucking him and I could see Angie was getting close to coming. I yelled at him to make her come and a few seconds later I told Angie to come, looking deep into her eyes. I held my gaze into her soul as she exploded splashing come all over his face. I pulled him back and flipped him over onto his back pulling his arms under his knees holding his ass open for me as I entered him again.

This time Angie sat back watching, rubbing herself. I fucked him, fake balls deep, and jerking his cock until he said “Mame?” I said “yes,” he said “I’m going to come soon; I can’t help it his voice cracked.” I told him to look at his beautiful wife fingering herself, and he turned to watch her and I told him to come, which he did immediately. I jerked his dick until he stopped spurting all over himself. I pulled my cock from his ass, and undid his hand cuffs. I took my cock off and mounted his face. Angie took the strap on cock and wasted no time putting it on, and sinking it deep in Fag boy’s ass.

Angie watched as I scooped up his come from his chest and stomach and fed it to him as he licked at my pussy. She grabbed his semi hard cock and fisted it furiously, squeezing so hard that he squirmed and tried to move to keep it from hurting. I felt myself getting close to orgasm and I grabbed fag boy under the chin and held his mouth to my cunt as I came flooding his mouth and nose with my come. He choked for a second drowning and I looked in Angie’s eye’s and said come with me babe, and she shuddered as I let go of his chin and allowed him to breath.

We all separated to the couch and chair, resting in our own post orgasmic bliss. Fag boy got up first and retrieved our drinks handing them to us, and asked permission to get one for himself. I asked Angie if she thought he deserved one and she said yes Mame. I told him to get his drink and bring back a moist warm wash cloth for us. I smacked his ass as he went by and he double stepped into the kitchen. Angie giggled and smiled, I asked her if she was happy with our arrangement, and she said yes Mame.

When David returned I told him to wipe us clean. As he cleaned us up I told him that from now on whenever I was here he would obey my commands and when I wasn't, that he would do as Angie commanded. He would address us both as Mame, and any deviation would require punishment. I looked at Angie and told her that I expected no less of her, and that she should keep me informed as to his progress every day. She eagerly said yes Mame.

I found myself staying with them exclusively unless I had duty over night or other commitment. David and Angie did get married and I was her bridesmaid, a first for me. I sent them off on a honeymoon, and I stayed behind because I had duty. They sent me reports, pics and videos of their honeymoon which were a delight to see how she kept him in line even in a tropical paradise. One photo I particularly liked was him handcuffed, his hands behind his back around a small palm tree his, feet together at the base of the tree and his hard cock sticking out like a tree limb. Another photo was taken from video and he was handcuffed on his knees between her thighs a palm frond sticking out his ass.

When they returned I presented her with her very own cock. I told her it was special and she asked how was that? And I told her I had called Markus and had some fun with him at his expense. I got a mold of his cock and that her new cock was a duplicate of his magnificent black cock. She requested all the details at a later point in time. I agreed and told her that I’d had another idea while they were gone, and made sure David wasn't around to hear this one. I told her that Marcus was willing if I asked him to, to fuck David.

Angie said holy shit really fuck him, no tricks? I said well not on Marcus' part but David need not know till Marcus was balls deep as far as I was concerned. She said you must have really liked him, and I said yeah he was compliant enough for me and that big fat black cock helped too. Angie was ready right then and I said not now, let’s get him used to us fucking him and then we’ll slip him the real meat. Angie said it would be cool if David was blind folded until Marcus got ready to come and then we take off his blindfold and stick Marcus’ cock down his throat to take the load of come. She really liked embarrassing him and making him her bitch.

The End Ch.1