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He Only Wanted One Thing

2022-06-24 00:00:04

Tonight was the night, the date had been arranged on the spur of the moment, again he was plagued by doubt was it a mistake? Should be have finally let her how he felt, the cold sweat of fear breaks out as he remembers each man who’d gone before him. After years of serving as her confidante, he’d thought that hearing every detail of the men who’d betrayed the love of his life had been torture both because of the hurt they caused her and the fact that each one had been with the only woman he’d ever cared for, each time she’d found a new one he had sincerely wished her every happiness, yet each time he’d had to watch her wince as the bruises moved beneath her clothes, yet she’d never allowed him to act. Until finally when the last one had put her in the hospital he’d hunted the bastard done and given him a beating nearly as severe as the one he’d given her, he’d never been so happy in his life as when she’d come to the police station to bail him out and he’d given her his full support, she told him that she was going to confront the boyfriend and even more so when his angel had used the threat of taking the bastard to court to get him to drop the charges.
Suddenly without conscious thought he’d kissed her, for a second nothing had happened then almost desperately she had returned the kiss, he’d held her tightly before remembering her broken ribs, however she’d barely notice the pain.

After driving her to the hospital, he’d been shocked by the hate filled looks the doctors and nurses gave him before he realised who they’d mistaken him for and no doubt his bruised and split knuckles explained why he’d been mistaken for the bastard, the next shock had come when an extremely angry doctor confronted them firstly demanding to know why she’d checked herself out the hospital, then after getting her back into bed, the doctor had turned on him, threats to call the police if he heard another instance of her falling down the stairs.
However the doctor hadn’t kept his voice down and Susan had heard, she’d come storming out of the bed angrier than he’d ever see her, in terms completely at odds to her normally almost irritatingly meek and polite manor, and using terms he hadn’t even known she’d knew she’d torn into the doctor, verbally haranguing him, before finally spent she shouts and I’ll kill you if you ever talk that way to the man who saved me from the motherless bastard that put me in here, you here me I’ll kill you” suddenly she burst into tears, “I’ll kill you.“, he’d then gathered her into his arms and carried her back to the bed and just held her until she’d cried herself to sleep. Again the doctor had confronted him this time with stammered apologises,
He hadn’t left the bedside until the following morning when she woke him up from where he’d dozed off, he’d been glad when the nurse that had shooed out all the other visitors had seeming gone blind when she’d looked round the curtain and paid him no heed, and the smile he got from Susan that morning had made him feel like finding the old bat and kiss her, Susan had claimed the kiss instead. And he was just as happy.

He came back the present with a snap it had been torture but even if the relationship failed, even if she never wanted to see him again like she had with each of the others after she’d finally left them. He would by God show her that there was at least one man in this miserable excuse for a planet that would lover her for who she was and not as a punching bag. He’d prove to her that she deserved to be loved, that these foul creatures that where all she’d known weren’t what she deserved, that the years of abuse her father’s fist had given to her weren’t her fault. Even though it would break his heart to lose her, if that was what it took to make her happy it was a price that he would pay from now until the day he died and be glad for that he’d done it.

Yes, tonight’s date might have been arranged in a hurry. But it, wasn’t as spur of the moment as he’d though he’d been planning it ever since he’d first met her some ten years previously, strange that now the deed was done he had no idea why it had taken so long. Suddenly a new thought occurs to him bringing the fear back twice as hard as before, was the last ten years of pain and suffering his fault? If he’d had the courage to do what he’d done so recently, could he have saved her from the years of abuse? And even worse would she blame him for it and end things before they started? And again the endless unanswerable what ifs run though his head.

Finally the time arrives and he steps out of the house, he desperately fights the urge to run, unsure whether he’d run home or run to her. Either way he clings to his self control, the streets crawl by seeming to take forever to pass as he walks the yet his watch tells him that the minutes are truly seconds. Ten agonising minutes later he taps on the door, a quite “Coming” seeps though the door, the sound of her voice steals his uncertainty and nerves, contentment spreads though him and he presents the flowers to her as she opens the door, yet time stands still as his eye meet hers the flowers are totally unnoticed as her arms fly round his neck, he barely pulls the flowers from between there bodies before her desperate body crashes against him and she pulls his lips down to hers the flowers fall to the floor as his arms surround her pulling her to him, the entire universe vanishes, nothing exists beyond the taste of her mouth, the scent of he hair, the burning heat of her body and the sound of his raging heart. An eternity later a something else invades their private world a faint burning builds, their lungs demanding air. Reluctantly they part and she steps back to invite him in but an ominous crunch draws there attention to the floor where the scattered remains of the bouquet litter the floor, they bend down recovering as many flower from the trampled mess as they can.

Heading into the house the smell of food hits his nose and he turns a questioning eye to her, “I thought we were eating out? I’ve got reservations at the Salvador.”
“I changed my mind, I want you all to myself to night, with no intruders”
He wraps his arms around her and she lifts her lips to his, again the world disappears until again the need to breath reluctantly draws them apart, “I’ll go finish dinner, you call the restaurant”.

The meal passes in a dream like haze, the foods favour, concealed by their enjoyment of each other’s company, the playful banter of a long term and trusted friendship driven to a new level, by the still dawning reality of their new relationship. Finally as the last glass of wine leave the bottle she comes round an sits on his lap, as they share the last glass between them, and he starts whispering in her ear the sweet little nothing, that have no meaning, yet are the most important things in the world at the time they are said. She shifts on his lap as she kisses him and feels the pressure that has developed inside his trousers she rests her hand against it and whispers “Do you want to?”
His husky voice whispers back “He does, but I’m going to wait for you to be ready.”
“I’m ready”, she grabs his hand and leads him to the bedroom.

When they near the bed she grabs for his trousers but he catches her hand in his pulling her into a another kiss, still holding her hands he turns her around, as he stands behind the beauty that has captured is heart he spends a second contemplating the marvels of the universe settling finally of the greatest wonder of all that the women in front of him had consented to be his. He moves closer to the impossibly beautiful woman who the angels must surely be jealous of, he places his strong gentle hands on her shoulders, breathing in the scent of her body, He whisper into her ear how much he loves her, he gently kisses her behind the ear slowly moving down to her neck kissing its supple curve, A gentle groan of pleasure slides unheeded from her lips as he nibbles on her collarbone and neck.

As he slides his hands slowly down the length of her arms gently holding them against her body. She turns her head to him, her slightly parted lips calling to his. He slides his mouth over hers drinking deeply of the most wonderful flavour he has ever tasted. While their mouths are pressed together he moves his hands from her arms to her waist gently stoking her sides, using the motion to pull the bottom of her blouse from where it’s tucked into the top of her skirt, as the kiss deepens he slides his hands under her top slowly stroking her stomach, desperately they press their bodies against each other trying to make the kiss last forever yet knowing that nothing is can last forever. When the kiss finally breaks he moves his lips along the line of her chin until his lips finally rest next to her ear and while still breathless from the kiss he tells her how wonderful the silky softness of her shin feels against his hands, how the heat of her body is almost painful again his, he’s desperate to have his angel but his physical desire is nothing compared to his need to prove that her happiness is his greatest desire as he extends the stoking motion of his hands they slowly inch up her body moving ever closer to her heaving bosom.

When his questing hands finally reach their target his hands enclose the warm softness of her breasts as he feels the hard nipples tickling his hands he movers them so that they cup only the base and sides using just his thumbs and index fingers he begins to tease the firm mounds of her nipples thought the silky lace of her bra, his lips gentle envelop her earlobe and his tongue strokes it before gentle biting, as he releases it he begins sliding kisses down her neck and back again. As his lips return to her ear, he asks her to undo the buttons on the blouse. Her shaking fingers slide to the buttons it isn’t fear that causes the shaking she isn’t some school girl waiting her deflowering she’s a woman awaiting the fulfilment of his promises and she can barely restrain herself from ripping his clothes from him and giving herself to him but she want his happiness and for the first time in her life someone cares more for her happiness than for his own, his desires promised to show her levels of happiness she’d only dreamed of, his hands continue to caress the heavenly mounds of her breasts, as her fingers reach the buttons and she tries to control herself enough to slide the button thought the hole, he gently squeezes her nipples drawing another gasp of pleasure from her lips. Her mouth again seeks the warm security of his mouth and she turns her head to him, the kiss explodes with passion, while the kiss both satisfies and intensifies their desires, her hands rapidly complete the task of undoing the blouses buttons, feeling his throbbing hardness pressed against her back straining against the confines of the trousers her body begins to move of it’s own volition pressing itself harder against his as if too merge their bodies into a single entity along with the increasing pressure her hips begin to move, rubbing against the straining mount at the front of his trousers. As a pant of pleasure slips unheeded from his lips he buries his face into her neck gently nuzzling it as the gasps rising to his lips escape though her mouth, as her pleasure mounts she presses herself harder and harder against him moving with near desperate haste.

His hands with great reluctance stop their loving embrace of her breasts sliding down her body until he clasps her hands in his, he slowly slides them up to her own desperate breasts that somewhere along the lines have escapes the confines of the bra, as both of their hands stoke her achingly sensitive breasts their mouths meet again. With even greater reluctance than before his hands leave her breaths to the loving touch of her own hands as his slowly quest up to her shoulders. And his loving fingers finally strip the blouse from her body stopping only for a brief pause to undo the clasp of the bra, with both blouse and bra nestled in the crook of her elbows his hand slowly move back up to reclaim their position on her breasts as she finally slides the two unwanted garments to the floor.

Her hands return to his one of his hands reluctantly leaves its task slowly questing for the richer pastures below one of her hands resumes the gentle kneading of her breast the other travels up to the back of his head pulling him into a deeper kiss and the questing hand finds it’s goal, the dripping wetness between her legs, as his fingers expertly explore the surface of the wetness stoking her though the warm wet material of her panties. As her ecstasy mounts to a level she never thought possible his fingers slide the material out of the way allow access the to the so far unexplored areas beneath the surface. As his fingers magically probe the depths, her entire body begins to shake her panting mouth barely capable of holding the kiss that she is so desperately seeking, their tongues entwined as finally she surrenders to the burning pleasure that rushes though her body clamping her legs around the questing fingers driving them deeper inside her driving the pulsing orgasm to an even higher level. As her legs give out his hands leave of their play and pull her body against his taking her weight with out apparent notice before lifting her into his arms as her arms wrap around his neck he carries her to the bedroom and lies down on the bed holding her against him with her head nestled on his shoulder and there breath mingling as she recovers from the orgasm.

After a short while she moves her head up again inviting his lips, as they kiss her hand slides inside his trousers, when the kiss finally breaks that she’s moves her lips to his ear and whispers so softly that he has to strain to here her as she whispers she slowly pulls away forcing him to sit up to hear her and tells him that she’s going to make him pay for what he’d just done to her”, the desperate lust simmering under the surface stealing all possible menace from her voice, her fingers start pulling the buttons of his shirt open as his hands move to help her she leaves the buttons and captures his hands she slides them up to her mouth and sucks on each finger in turn before pushing them behind his back one hand holing them there as the other fumbles the belt undone as their lips meet again she loops the belt round his wrists holding them fast behind his back, she whispers that his hands have had their fun and will have to wait. The supple fingers return to unbuttoning the shirt feeling the Goosebumps appear where her fingers meet flesh, their lips meet again as she pushes the shirt from his shoulders and then pulls away and has him use his teeth to undo the zip on the skirt, once undone she slowly slides the skirt and her panties down to the floor presenting the wonderful image of her naked figure to his hungry eyes, as he drinks in the image of her body she slowly slides herself towards him seeing the strain in his shoulders and trousers as his body cries out for her touch, her hands rest against the throbbing bulged in the front of his trousers feeling it straining against the confining clothes, as her hands deftly undo the straining buttons on the trousers the bulge jerks at the touch of her breath, she playfully snaps the elastic against the throbbing hardness his underwear conceals.

She slides her hands inside the underwear to rest again the hardness and moves her lips to kiss his desperate mouth tasting the gasps of ecstasy her fingers draw from his throat and inhaling them deep into her chest, his arms desperately strain against they bonds with his need to crush her in a passionate embrace, when the passion throbbing through the hardness is approaching release the hands cease there play while she lets the pleasure boiling though his body side back towards a gentler simmer she pulls his remain clothes off finally revelling the object of her desire to her hungry eyes, she crouches over his lap and draws herself towards the hardness. Taking it in her hands she guides it towards the loving wetness that so desperately awaits the first contact. As it’s made she stops revelling in the feeling of the throbbing tip resting barely insider her, holding it there she leans forward bushing her breasts against his chest again their lips meet and as his tongue thrusts inside her mouth seeking the loving touch of hers her hips suddenly jerk forwards thrusting him deep inside her, the desperately waited but completely unexpected joining drawing a commingled gasp of surprise and pleasure that is so powerful as to nearly drive him over the edge, holding him unmoving inside her she enjoys the pressure of his chest against her breasts as there tongues explore the familiar but ever new feeling of the others.

She reaches behind him undoing the belt restraining his arms, with his arms now free he pulls her against him pulling himself deeper inside her that she thought possible the pleasure passing between there lips as he starts moving his hips she gasps, however once the instants pleasure subsides she pulls away pulling him entirely from her. She turns to him and tells him “If you do that again I’ll tie you back up”. Again she slides just the smallest possible amount inside her and holds it there testing his self-control his hands clutch desperately at the bedding resisting the urge to disobey her command enjoying the sensations of power she holds the position until finally her own desperate need drives him inside her, her hips moving slowly against his, her chest crushed against his, she gasps “hold me” into his ear and suddenly his arms crush her against him her hips still driving the pace, as the pleasure builds in her body, her back arches breaking the embrace and he leans forward using one hand to squeeze a breast and the other to guide the remaining breast to his lips. The new pleasure joins with the old and she begins slamming her hips against him with desperate need, his mouth gasps it’s own pleasure into her breast he touch of his breath adding to her own ecstasy, as the arching of her back leaves her overbalanced his hand are force to abandon their tasks in order to support her body the chance in contact summons her hands up to her breasts while moving her hips with ever more desperate haste, the panting breath tell her that he’s neared his limit yet she knows she’s not far off ether, desperately she starts panting “not yet, not yet”, he bites his lip as he desperately orders his body to live up to her expectations. Finally her body bucks with an uncontrolled spasm as the ecstasy consumers her, overcoming his control causing the desperate release that he has been denying himself. They desperately hold each other as the spasms surge though their bodies until finally spent they collapse into a heap on the bed their hands gently caressing each other. With his slowly fading hardness still inside her.

After a short rest he drags his body way from her and stands up, bending over he places his lips lovingly against hers before he walk from the room, she watches his naked form leave the room and lies back to stretch out on the beds after a few seconds he walks back into the room pausing to look at the wonderful image of female nudity that she had been kind enough to share with him, he stands there admiring her for a time that seemed like both insistence and eternity. After the moment breaks he walks over to her and kisses her deeply as the kiss lingers she wraps her arms around his neck and tries to pull him down on top of her, however he resists the pull, sliding an arm under her legs and the other behind her back, in on smooth motion he stands up with Susan’s wonderful body held in his arms, the sudden motion combine with the safety and security of his arms draws a delighted squeal from her, clutching each other tighter than the need for security requires he carries her out of the bedroom and down the hall where the sound of running water beckons them on.

As they enter the bathroom the warm wet air greats their naked bodies as they move towards the running shower, as they move down the length of the bathroom he teasingly brushes her bare buttocks against the cold ceramics of the wash basin, the sudden cold causes her to jerk her entire up rubbing naked flesh against naked flesh, as he make a move to enter the hot jet of water spraying from the nozzle, she lifts her mouth to his ear and asks to be put down, gazing slowly from the vision of perfection clutched in his arms to the dangerously wet floor and back again common sense subsuming passion. However as he places her on the ground his cheek brushes against her the shocking warms of the wet contact and the gasp drawn from her lips bring a mischievous twinkle to his eye burying his face onto the wetness prying a near scream of pleasure from her lips the pleasure dives rapidly towards desire as she feels his tongue simulating her in places she didn’t know could be stimulated, the ache in her body grows like an itch demanding that he chase it around her body, his hands pulling her tight to his face, the arch of he body summons her hands unbidden to her breasts the small contact satisfying her bodies demands even as it drives them to a new level, a scream of passion wells in her chest biting he lip in an attempt hold it in, as the shuddering cry over whelms her ability to hold it in. her hands fly from her breasts to drag the questing tongue from her so she can drink that kiss that her body demands.

Resisting the pull he leaves his tongue to it’s work, and moving his hands from pulling her against him to join the questing tongue, the pulling becomes more urgent finally relenting he reduces his resistance allowing his kissing lips and darting to trace a slow and burning trail of desire up her body when finally he give her mouth the kisses it so desperately wants. As he lose himself in the kiss his hands leave their task and snake behind her back is hardness slides inside the initial contact coming as a pleasant surprise to them both yet the twinkle in her eyes give him the slightest warning as she throws her arms around his neck and her legs around him the sudden motion driving him deep inside, her legs slow pull her up his body feeling dragging their lips apart and preparing for the drop, finally she releases he hip driving him almost painfully deep inside, and another lingering kiss is shared until her rising body again put they mouths apart the slow probing stokes doing little to feed their desire merely allowing to drive to a new high so absorbed in the act is she that the small step forward he takes goes unnoticed as she pulls herself up his body again she drops unlike the other times though this time she grazes the edge of the wash basin the shocked by the sudden cold, her hip jerk her way from it before dropping the shallower thrust builds on the pleasure the of the previous drop driving her need for final release with her cheeks resting on the wash basin he drives himself inside her with desperate haste, her legs pick up the rhythm using there strength to pull him deeper than his hips alone could, the fast deep thrusting soon begins to how as their desperately panting mouths press themselves together, the warmth building in her body builds rapidly until she explodes in a huge shuddering orgasm, triggering him to follower into the final release of passion, their quaking bodies crush themselves together as the raging passion floods though them. Finally after another eternal instant her legs slide from his waist sliding her hands down she clasps him as she pulls him out of her drenched body

With a firm grip she stokes him back to attention, causing him to gasp as the heightened sensitivity reports every slight touch with near painful clarity, maintaining her grip she leads him under the rushing water of the shower. Turning around she slides his desperate shaft between her legs pressing it against her with tightly clasped legs. As he stands in this wonderfully maddening position he leans forward for a kiss yet as he does so, she wraps her hands around his exposed tip and squeezes drawing a gasp of almost pain from him, as the pressure eases he goes to kiss her again and receives the same treatment, as he opens his mouth to ask why she moves her hands in a much more pleasing manner and shakes her head, slowly exploring the rules of this new game his hands begin to explore her body, while hers reward his successes and punish his errors, his hands slide down to her legs and despite the playful punishment take her hands in his and guide then to a bar of soap, slowly they use their intermingled hands to strip the sweat that had built up on her body from the repeated feeding of their passions, the self same passion that was again rising to the forefront of their minds.

Finally only to two places remain that have been spared the touch of the cleansing soap and loving fingers, slowly rub the soap against her breasts with her hands once the soaping is complete her fingers continue the passionate task as his hands leave hers, reaching up he pulls the shower head from its holder and aims the powerful spray up between her legs with one hand while the other soaps this final area, the combined effect of the slick soap, the probing fingers and the flowing pressure of the water within seconds have her chest heaving against her hands and her body grinding against his, his lips drink the glistening drops of water from her body. As the first throbs of orgasm begin to manifest though, his lips cease they quest for drops of water and his hands return the shower to the holder.

The loving desperate begging look in her eyes demand a answer from him, as he leaves her so close, her hands slide from her breasts to finish the task for herself, only to be intercepted by his and prevented from fulfilling the task as the boiling orgasm reduces to a mere simmer his hands return talking her to the edge before again allowing her body to return, his hand rapidly find the right rhythm to bring her to the edge and hold her there, on the edge, the gentle quake surging though her but never quite passing over into the release she craves. Every move she makes to finally release the bubbling pressure results in he’s hands drawing her further away, desperately almost begging she asks him to finish her off, but instead of finishing her he leans forward and breathlessly say that he’s not going to finisher her until she does something for him feeling the throbbing pressed against her back. She reaches for it but her hands arrest the move as his hands slow drawing her a tiny bit further away from her goal, “what…” she gasps, trying to control her quaking voice “what do you want me to do?” she gasps again, his husky whisper tells her to wash her hair, with shaking hands she picks up the bottle of shampoo slowly rubbing her hair into a fragrant foaming mass, matching the motion of her hands to the motion of his, finally he tells her to turn around.

With his still moving hand inside her she begins to rinse the foam from her hair as his mouth pressing against hers, pressing herself against his body she moves even closer to the edge but still not quite over it finally the last bubble leaves her hair and his hardness slides inside her finishing her instantly her desperately shaking body quivers uncontrollably, her sensitively increases to the point that every move he makes inside her adds a new quaking orgasm to those seething through her body the pleasure rising to the level that will drive her insane if they go any higher desperately, she begs him to stop. He does but as he goes to pull his unspent hardness from her, he sets of another string of quakes running thought her, realising that even this is too much for her he holds himself unmoving inside her, waiting for the quaking spasms racking her body, desperately clutching each other her body slowly draws back from the soaring peck of ecstasy, finally her body sags with barley the strength left to move holding desperately to him he remove himself from her, with out the support of his body she slides down to her knees, however as he bend down to help her up she slide him into her mouth, her hands playing with the rest he gasps swallowing his passion asks her if she’s sure about this, taking him out of her mouth she smiles up at him still stoking him “After that performance do you think I’m going to let this go to waste?”, her mouth envelopes the end, her tongue sliding round it as her lip slip gently back and forward, just enough to hold over while she regains her strength.

Shortly she stands up behind him using one hand to stroke him while the other soaps down his chest and legs once finished she move round in front and slide him inside her, she leans to his ear holding him inside and tells him not to move, with his hardness filling her she proceeds to wash his back and hair, once the washing is complete she wraps her leg around his waist again and while holding him deep inside her has him carry her back to the bedroom once there she has him lie on the bed, now with her body straddling him he begins to move her hips driving faster and faster she sees he’s ready and tells him to let go, yet he doesn’t he hold on while her desperate movement begin to fuel a final explosion of pleasure, deep down she promises that this man… no her man would have the one thing she had never give any other, this man that she had given her body to unlike any of the other would also be given her soul. As the final climax take him, the hot fluid filling her finishes her collapsing onto his chest so whispers the words that be had given so willing to the others, yet had never carried her heart and soul before, barely audible the yet they boom in the silence “I love you”, he kisses her hair and says “I always have and always will love you.”