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Daddy's little girl-boy, Part 3

2022-09-30 01:09:00

Vacations with Kim were awesome because she would find the most remote and exotic places to go to. Places where we could hang out naked, alone, or with others, usually in the tropics. It was in one such South American locale that I awoke from a nap to find my darling girl's nuts hanging above my lips.

"Hello Daddy! I really need you to teabag my balls."

I reflexively opened my mouth and she dropped her nutsack and precious balls right onto my tongue. What was surprising to me was her penis was limp. That was a rarity with her when we frolicked. So when I began furiously cleaning her balls with my mouth, the hooded tip of her penis was hanging in my nostrils.

"Mmmm Daddy that feels so good."

Within seconds, her erection began and I got to watch as her cock grew right before my eyes. She looked down at me and I winked.

"Daddy, stop! I might prematurely ejaculate if you tease me with those gorgeous eyes."

By now she was at half mast. But the amazing thing is she grew without any touching of her cock. She simply grew as a result from my enthusiastic teabagging of her tasty nuts. Within a few minutes she was fully hard... probably as hard as I had ever seen her. She lowered her cock and let me lick the sides of it.

Then she stood up and exclaimed, "Your princess has a gift for you."


"Yes, it's a pearl of great fortune." She lowered the tip of her cock towards my mouth and I could see a large pearly white drop of pre-cum sitting atop her peehole. I wrapped my lips around the tip and swiped the cum off with my tongue. I thought it tasted like vanilla. Kim smiled down on me. Then she moved forward, saying, "And I have a bit of chocolate for you too." She planted her ass down on my mouth. This time she hadn't wiped thoroughly. There was a bit of "chocolate" as she said. I enthusiastically licked it clean. I could no longer see her pretty face because she enjoyed rubbing her full big ass crack up and down my face.

"Are you suffocating Daddy?"

"mmrrrphh gggllll"

She giggled in her sexy little laugh, "Ahh Daddy. I'm so sorry. Just clean it up and then I'll let you breathe."

When she finally removed that sexy ass from my face, she lowered her mouth onto mine, saying, "I better give you mouth to mouth resuscitation, just in case." We kissed for many more minutes.

Kim was especially frisky that day. She jumped up, still fully erect, and ran out the door of our tropical hut, yelling, "Catch me if you can!"

She ran down the trail and onto the beach. I was in hot pursuit. As we passed another guest hut, a new friend shouted at me, "Catch that little slut! She needs a good hard fucking!"

I shouted back, "Thanks, I will."

I had almost caught her when she faked me and ran straight for the surf. She took a few long strides into the surf and dove right in. I followed her in. She was diving deep down into the water, but I caught her ankle and pulled us back to the surface. We took a few deep breathes and then started tongue kissing. She wrapped her legs around me and slid her hot little butthole right onto my own raging hard on. I treaded in the water as she slid up and down on my pole. It was great fucking in the water like this. When she broke off the kiss, she brought her mouth up to my ear and said... "This is better than any old nap, right?"

"You bet, baby."

Finally, I got tired and we swam back to the beach. I was still hard as we walked hand in hand. I could never quite understand why she had such great affection for me, but it would burst out of her in surprising ways. This time, as we were approaching other people, she grabbed my dick and yelled out to anyone who cared to hear....

"My Daddy has the biggest cock in the whole world!"

I just about fell down laughing. I knew most people would interpret her "daddy" talk as the common sexual slang that girls use with their guys. Only she and I knew the truth.

She had on a mock frown, and continued to shout, "Don't laugh Daddy. It's true. Your big fat penis is huge!"

I pulled her down to the sand and kissed her. Her own boner was rubbing against mine until the fire btwn us was too big to contain. I laid flat on the sand as she mounted me. I let her do all the work as she bounced up and down on me. Her own hard penis waved up and down.

"Oh my god, Daddy, your cock is hitting my g-spot inside my ass." She moaned and screamed, and then without warning and no stroking, she started cumming. This was new for me. Jets of she-sperm were squirting out of her peehole, landing on my chest.

"Cum, little darling, Cum!" I egged her on. She eventually collapsed onto my chest. I wasn't done, so I leapt to my feet and continued pumping her.

By this time we had a bit of an audience... a couple of guys and a girl were watching us fuck.

"Daddy, yes! Fuck my naughty little hole!" I pumped her standing up for awhile, then set her down and turned her around. She stood on tiptoes, as I spread my legs wide so I could continue to fuck her from behind.

She was crazed, and never stopped spewing her naughty talk, "That's it Daddy. Pump it. Fuck my hole till it bleeds. Squirt your jizz in me. Make me pregnant Daddy!"

That elicited laughter from our entire audience since they could see she was a transsexual.

Then she switched her dialogue once again, "Ahhh Skipper! Fuck me on this deserted island. Fuck your little shemale Gilligan!" More laughter. "Ginger is a cunt. I'm the one you want. Fuck me captain! Fuck your hot little cabin boy!"

Finally I ripped a huge load of cum inside of her slippery ass guts. We collapsed to the sand, kissing, while the people around us started applauding. We were happy but embarrassed. Kim could not stop putting on a show, though. She straddled my lap and brought her sweet little breast and nipple up to my mouth.

"I'm sure you're thirsty, big boy. Let mama take care of you," and she squeezed out a stream of tranny milk from her breast right into my mouth. There were gasps of surprise from the audience. I loved it. I enjoyed her sweet milk a couple of times a week. She didn't produce a lot, but enough to satisfy me. I let her squirt it all over my face because she obviously wanted to show off to the others that she was a she, first and foremost. The audience applauded again when we were finished.

We bowed and thanked them and walked back to our hut. Kim smiled up at me and whispered, "Daddy, you cum extra hard whenever I talk about being a boy."

"Uhhh yeah," I didn't have a good answer to her observation.

"It's okay Daddy. I like being your little boy and your little girl," she said with a smile.

I swept her up into my arms and kissed her hard on the lips. "I love you Kimmy."

"I love you too, Daddy."


Kim was gorgeous in her white wedding dress. In one sense it was traditional with plenty of lace. But it was also very naughty. It was very low cut in front and showed off her delicious natural breasts which popped out with a push up bra. The edges of her dark areolas peaked out from beneath the bra giving her a very slutty look. The dress also had a scooped back that went so low that it showed off the top of the crack of her ass. And it revealed that she was wearing no panties at this wedding. When she walked down the aisle to stand with me, I figured the entire audience wanted to fuck her.

I was one lucky guy.

I lifted the white veil from her beautiful face. As I stared into her gorgeous dark eyes, I knew I was completely in love with her. Her gender, no matter how it was defined, made no difference to me. This was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I was interrupted from my thoughts of Kim by the presider at our wedding. He was an older hippy looking guy with a gray ponytail and a very authoritative demeanor. Him and his wife were favorite neighbors of ours, and when we heard he was a licensed wedding presider, we jumped at the idea of him marrying us in a very different type of ceremony...

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to honor the joining of this man, and this hot transsexual girl, in a very unholy matrimony. They will say their vows, I will bless their wedding, and then they will treat us to a hot show of sex. If there are any in the audience who object... " he paused and looked at the congregation, "to these hot, sexy proceedings, please get the fuck out now. We don't need your prudish ass around here."

No one left.

"Jack and Kim, do you promise to love one another, heart, body and soul?"

"We do."

"Do you promise to maintain a healthy sexual appetite, having sex multiple times per day?"

"We do."

"Do you promise to always be adventurous, trying out new types of sex, new types of arousal, all fetishes, and a loving and accepting attitude to all of your partner's different sexual behavior?"

"We do."

"Do you reject the premise that a father fucking his adult daughter is wrong, that instead it's actually a pure expression of love, and that it's as natural as rain from the sky?"

"We do!"

"Do you promise to suck each other's cocks, whenever your beloved is feeling horny?"

"We do"

"Do you promise to receive your spouse's cock up your ass, whenever desired, to ensure a healthy sexual relationship?"

"We do"

"Do you promise to never run away, when times are difficult. To always love and respect each other. To love as one, for the rest of your days."

"We do!"

"By the power invested in me to marry 2 consenting adults, I now pronounce you husband and wife." The presider paused, then said, "You may now 69 the bride"

Our new European friends in the audience whistled and applauded with approval. Kim's dress had a tear away feature. She cleverly ripped the train from the hem, revealing a white mini-skirt dress. Her hot full legs were in white stockings. With no panties, her hard cock bulged outwardly beneath her skirt.

I grabbed my sexy bride and flipped her upside down. Her tranny cock slid right into my mouth as her thighs rested on my shoulders. Her sexy little feet kicked off her white high heels. As I deep throated the only cock I would ever taste in my life, she unzipped my fly and engulfed my boner with her hot little asian mouth. The cheering from the audience was loud. Some had come forward to get a better look. I gave her ass little spankings as I pumped my mouth on her cock. She was giving me the blowjob of my life, as she had learned to not only deep throat me, but also to ring the bell... extending her tongue from out of her mouth to tickle my balls.

We didn't last long. We had never rehearsed. We had no plan to do so, but we erupted in mutual orgasms at the same time. Jet after jet of my own cum squirted into her mouth, while her own sweet and sour cum filled my mouth. When I was sure I had sucked out every drop from her sexy penis, I flipped her back onto her feet. She threw her arms around my neck and thrust her mouth toward mine. Our tongues enjoyed playing with the cum in our mouths, rolling it around as our wedding day snow ball. Eventually we swallowed all the cum.

We parted and bowed to the audience, and then kissed again. This time, a sweet romantic kiss. Then the party got really wild. By this time most of the audience paired off in twos or threes. Stripping and sucking and kissing and fucking. I removed my own clothes as Kim removed hers. I swept her naked little body into my arms and carried her to a group of mattresses where the orgy was going on. I fucked that little girl for about an hour when some dude called out... "Hey Jack you selfish bastard. You promised to give up your ass to her."

The guy was right. I had often thought about having Kim fuck me with her sexy tranny cock, but she had always demurred. She proclaimed that she wanted to marry a virgin husband. That was me. So this day she was positively gleeful at the thought that she was going to enter me. I laid down on my back and said, "Fuck me baby. Fuck me my little princess."

"Oh Daddy!" she exclaimed as she pushed her she-cock into my ass. Even with lube, my ass still burned a little as she entered me.

"Oh Daddy, your ass is so tight!"

Many in the audience laughed. Most had stopped their own sexual escapades to watch us fully consummate our marriage.

"Fuck me, my daughter. Fuck your father's ass like no girl ever should."

She grunted as she started stroking in and out of me. My own cock was hard like a pole, sticking straight up. As she fucked me, she stroked my cock. And then she did something totally unexpected and wonderful.

There were gasps in the audience when she bent her little torso down and started sucking the tip of my cock as her own hard she-penis pistoned in and out of my ass. The sensation was incredible. The feeling of having a she cock in your ass and a pretty asian mouth on your cock, at the same time, is too amazing to describe. The audience was whistling and cheering again. I lasted about 5 minutes before I blasted the final load within my balls into her mouth.

"Ohhh Daddy... that was so much fun," she said as she pulled her cock from my ass.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her cock into my mouth to clean her up and finish her off. She was surprised but eventually rewarded me with her own final honeymoon load of jizz sauce. She collapsed in my arms and we both blushed as the audience yelled out their congratulations. Most of the guys approached her and gave her a kiss on the lips. Many of the sexy girls in the audience did the same with me, occasionally with tongue.

We were dog tired. We left the guests to the food and drink, while I carried my bride up to our hotel room.


Lying in my arms on our honeymoon night, Kim was in a quiet mood. I knew she was thinking with that clever little brain of hers, so I just waited for the inevitable question....


"Yeah sweety."

"Now that I'm your wife, is it still okay for me to call you Daddy?"

I swatted her ass with a loud smack. "I'll always be your daddy."

She smiled up at me. After more thinking she got up, turned on the lamp, and sat across from me.

"The thing is, Jack, the Daddy thing was always a huge attraction for me. I never knew my biological dad, and I never want to. But there was this hole in my life and I always wanted it filled. Don't get me wrong, I loved mama, but I wanted someone around who was big and strong, yet someone who was nice to me. Mama dated a bunch of losers, and then you came along. You were soooooo nice to me, but especially to mama, and that's what turned it for me. You were my hero and daddy all rolled into one. I even did the math back then. I knew mama was 16 years old when she had me, and she told me you were 2 or 3 years younger than her, so I figured there was nothing wrong with having a big romantic crush on a guy who was only 13 years older than me."

"Awww sweety, that's really cool. I'm glad I made a good impression. You were so shy back then I wasn't sure what you thought of me."

"Yeah, but my crush never went away. I was never really jealous of mom but I knew I would never stop loving and dreaming about you. Psychology texts say that young children naturally fall in love with their parents, but then naturally fall out of romantic love as they grow to adulthood and find other partners. But the thing is... as I was growing into adulthood, you gave me a huge gift by accepting and funding my transformation. You made it too difficult to fall out of love. And then, just as I was growing up and should have been focused on other kids my own age, mama died and you were all alone," she paused, "and available."

"Well, I'm glad we broke the ice and took the plunge."

"Me too, Daddy!" And with that she jumped into my arms. I flipped the lamp off again and we slept together as man and transsexual wife.


So there you have it. I made a huge mistake letting my 16 year old transsexual daughter into my bed. But it led to the biggest blessing of my life once we became lovers. Not that I believe the blessing is from God. I'm pretty damn sure I'm going straight to hell for what I've done and become.

But Kim has different views. You see, we've went on to adopt Vietnamese twin girls, a boy from Romania, and an intersexed girl/boy from the United States. We're a large, odd family, but Kim's a devoted and family-oriented mother watching over all our children like a mother hen. She takes all the kids to church and she prays to some Buddhist-Christo-Dionysian God who she is convinced will redeem all of our souls. I just laugh and go along with it.

Kim eventually had full gender reassignment surgery, losing her cock and gaining a pussy. She loved her new pussy, and so did I. We fucked now more than ever. And as it turned out, my ass never got lonely. She immediately bought a strap on dildo and rogered me good whenever I asked... and sometimes when I didn't.

The kids put a crimp in our 24/7 on-demand sex life, but once they're tucked into bed and the lights are turned down low, we still enjoy the raunchiest, dirtiest sex around via whispers and barely stifled moans. I figure if I can last another 50 years, I will have led a remarkable life that few men even dare to dream of.

All because I made the mistake of saying yes, on a dark and fateful night.