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Caring for my daughter - Part 3

2022-11-13 20:19:51

It is the next day. As usual I’m reflecting on recent events. Did Ava really orgasm yesterday when I shaved her with the electric clipper? Can that be? So fast? I didn’t spend that much time shaving her, did I? But it certainly looked like she came. I really didn’t want to witness that on my daughter! Is this a side-effect of her injury? Is she that horny? Because she can’t play with herself due to the splints on her arms? It kind of makes sense. It was odd to witness it, but I am proud of myself. I managed to distract myself. My mantra “It’s nothing sexual” has worked well. I focussed on the shaving task and tried to ignore anything else as much as possible. I didn’t even get aroused or had sexual thoughts. I think I am slowly getting the hang of dealing with my daughter’s nudity.

It's another hot evening. When my partner Debbie, Ava’s mom, was still alive, we used to have movie nights once in a while. We had food and drinks in front of the TV at home and cuddled. It was wonderful to bond that way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ava and I decided to watch a movie tonight, continuing the tradition. I let Ava order the food. The doctor instructed that Ava still remains in bed, so we are putting some pillows towards the head of her bed and try to make ourselves comfortable. Ava’s bed is queen-sized, comfortable enough for two. Ava is still naked in bed, just covered with a sheet. She prefers it that way as the splints on her arms make putting on normal clothes a painful chore.

I’m helping her to sit up. “Careful dad, my arms and legs still hurt.” “Sure, darling.” I’m putting my arms under her arms and I’m pulling her up. The sheet slips off her body and her beautifully shaped breasts are exposed, just for a brief moment. I’m covering her instantly with the sheet and immediately I’m starting my mantra in my mind: “Nothing sexual, I’m just helping her sitting up.” I’m propping her up towards the head of the bead and the pillows: “How’s that?” “Not too bad, dad.” I’m sitting down next to her, putting my arm around her shoulder, leaning my head against hers. I’m feeling her soft body against mine. “Feels good, darling, doesn’t it?” “Yeah, dad.” Some time passes.

“Would you mind if I sit in front of you? This position is getting a bit uncomfortable, sorry, dad.” “Of course, darling.” I’m sitting back, spread my legs, and help Ava to sit in between my legs and lean back onto me. “Ahh, that’s better, dad. The pillows weren’t that comfortable.” I’m noticing that the sheet has completely slipped off her body and that she’s totally nude in front of me now. “Are you ok like, this? I mean without clothes? Not getting cold?” “I’m fine, dad. I’ve done this with mom many times when you weren’t around.” I’m briefly startled. “What do you mean?” I’m inquiring. “You know how you decided that the nudist beach isn’t for you, because you were afraid that you um… embarrass yourself?” “Oh, yeah of course. I’ve talked with you and mom about that.” “Yeah, and you know how mom and I went off to nudist retreats without you because of that?” “Sure, Debbie has asked me if that’s ok and I agreed. I know how much she and you enjoyed your nudist time.”

“Yeah, so I cuddled with mom nude sometimes at the retreats. It just feels so nice once you’re used to it. Skin on skin. It's very intimate and caring. I felt so safe, so loved. I really miss that. I miss mom.” I’m looking at Ava’s face, a tear is running down her cheek. “Oh, darling.” I’m hugging her tightly with both my arms, crossing them beneath her breasts. She’s leaning back onto me and I’m gently pressing the side of my head against hers. “I do miss her too. Her passing has been so recent. I still can’t believe she’s not with us anymore,” I’m saying as I’m fighting back tears. We stay like this for some time.

“You know dad, spending time as nudist with mom are some of my best memories. I felt so free and unencumbered with her. We even didn’t wear clothes sometimes at home when you were away.” “You did? I should have known!” I’m chuckling slightly. A slight smile appears on Ava’s face. “Why are you so uncomfortable being nude, dad?” “You know, I’ve explained this to your mom several times. I’m just afraid that I’ll embarrass myself. You know, that I get excited. It would be so awkward. I’ve tried nudism once and it was so bad, I had to lie on my belly to hide. That’s why I gave it up.” There is a pause.

“You know dad, mom always said there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That it’s all natural. She said it can happen to any guy and they shouldn’t be ashamed about it. It will always pass.” “Yeah, I know she kept saying that.” There is another pause. “You know dad, I really miss nudist cuddling. It’s so sad that mom isn’t here anymore.” Ava is sobbing a little. “Oh honey, I know, it’s sad.” “It meant a lot to me. Dad, don’t you think you could give it a shot? I’m your daughter after all. It’s nothing sexual. I know you’ll love it too. It feels so cosy.” My heart starts pounding. “But what if-?” “Don’t worry, dad. I won’t be mad. It’s all natural and it will pass. I just really would like to feel secure again, just like when I snuggled with mom.” Ava looks so miserable and hurt.

“Honey, you know I would do anything for you. Alright. But this is really new to me. So please don’t get mad if I embarrass myself.” “Sure dad. Thank you so much! You’re the best! You don’t know how much this means to me.” Ava turns her head slightly and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Alright, honey, I’ll put you back onto the pillows for a moment. Here you go.” I’m getting up from the bed. My heart is pounding like crazy. What am I doing? Is this really happening? Am I overreacting? After all I’ve seen nudist documentaries and they do seem to cuddle, non-sexually, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I should really give this a shot. It seems to mean so much to Ava.

I’m getting out of bed, turning around, taking off my t-shirt, then my shorts. I’m standing here in my boxers. Here goes nothing! I’m sliding off my undies and I’m completely nude. “Congratulations, dad! You’re a nudist now!” Ava proclaims, clearly happy. I’m turning around, instinctively covering my dick. “This is so weird for me.” “You can do this dad!” I’m climbing in bed near Ava. I’m sitting down, leaning against the backrest of the bed and resume the position I was in before. I’m spreading my legs. My dick and balls are dangling. I’m extremely uncomfortable. I’m looking nervously at Ava, trying to sound relaxed: “Ok, I’ll help you move over.” I’m grabbing her under her arms and slide her over my leg. Her bare ass is brushing against my thigh. Oh my goodness! How soft and good is feels!

Now her body is between my legs. She’s leaning back onto me. “Comfortable, honey?” “Almost,” Ava says as she’s adjusting her position. She’s moving her butt back, closer to me. Oh my goodness, now her butt is pushing firmly against my dick, squeezing it between her butt and my groin. And I’m feeling some slight pressure on my balls too. I’m flinching slightly. “Are you ok, dad?” “Yeah I’m fine, your bum is just touching my-“ “Don’t worry dad, you’re a nudist now. It’s all natural.” “Ok if you say so,” I’m replying, trying to hide my panic. She’s wiggling her butt a little and then leaning completely back onto me. I’m feeling her skin against mine. Her back against my belly, her shoulders against my chest. I’m hugging her around her waist, beneath her breasts. “Ah! This feels so wonderful, doesn’t it, dad?” “Um, yeah it feels great actually.” I’m trying to enjoy this intimate embrace, naturist style and give Ava a peck on her cheek. “It’s nothing sexual. I’m just cuddling with my daughter,” is the mantra I’m repeating in my thoughts.

The movie starts. I am feeling the pressure of Ava’s butt against my dick. It isn’t good. I mean it feels great, but it stimulates me, the wrong way. I’m trying to move back but I can’t move back any further. On top of that Ava is moving slightly once in a while, as anyone does. I’m trying to focus but to my embarrassment I’m realizing that my dick is slowly swelling up. First, barely noticeable, but then it starts pushing against Ava’s bum. I’m noticing that I can’t stop the process anymore. Slowly but surely my dick is growing and pushing against Ava’s bum, half rolled up, in an awkward position. I can feel it throbbing now. It doesn’t help that I haven’t masturbated in over a week. Oh my god! What a terrible situation! The throbbing is getting stronger. Ava must notice. And the kink in my dick makes this uncomfortable.

I have no choice but to admit my dilemma: “I’m so sorry Ava. This is so embarrassing. That’s why I didn’t want to-“ “Don’t worry dad, it’s alright. I’m not mad.” “I’ll just have to quickly adjust.” “Sure, go ahead, dad.” I’m gently pushing Ava’s body forward, lifting her bum. I’m positioning my dick straight and flat against my belly. It’s so hard now! I’m gently releasing Ava’s body, assisting her to lean back. She’s planting her bum back between my legs. My dick ends up right in her butt crack, sandwiched between her ass-cheeks. I’m flinching slightly but Ava just keeps leaning her body back onto mine and exhales. “Better now, dad?” “Um yeah, kind of. Are you comfortable?” “Yeah, I’m good. Don’t worry about it, dad. It will pass in no time.” “Alright, sorry again. I feared this would happen.”

I’m crossing my arms again around her belly and I’m trying to continue to cuddle. As much as I’m attempting to ignore my erection, I just can’t. Her soft butt-cheeks are pushing against my dick. It’s pulsating in between them. Even my balls are touching her ass, ever so slightly. My breathing frequency is elevated, my heart beat is faster too. I’m tensing up. Ava seems to notice and is trying to calm me down. “Don’t worry dad, it will pass. I’m so proud of you that you are expanding your comfort zone,” Ava says as she’s slightly lifting her foot and brushing it against my lower leg. I guess she would have petted me with her hand if it wasn’t for her arm-splints. I wish she hadn’t done that. As she is moving her foot, her bum muscles also move, squeezing and massaging my dick ever so gently. Although it is just a minor movement, I’m so aroused now, that I’m close to exploding. I’m so embarrassed to be in this state. If she continues moving, I might just cum uncontrollably.

Unconsciously I’m tensing up my hug around her belly, pushing my arms up against her breasts. They feel so soft! Not another sexual stimulation! That’s the last thing I need now. I really don’t want to blow this situation, literally! Her young, petite body suddenly feels so amazing against mine. I love feeling my dick throbbing between her round, soft butt-cheeks. I’m certain now that I’m oozing pre-cum out of my dick. I love how her breasts rest slightly on my arms which are crossed beneath them.

Ava is leaning further back now into my body, putting her head all the way back, extending her neck and resting it on my shoulder. At the same time her breasts rise. Are her nipples hard? Her flat belly stretches. It is so beautiful! Her navel elongates. What a stunning view! I’m moving my gaze further down her teenage body, admiring her hip bones, then further down to her mound. Oh what I would give to see her pussy now! To feel if she’s wet. As she’s leaning further back into me, she’s increasing the pressure on my dick. It’s in her butt-crack, wedged between her soft butt-cheeks. Maybe even her anus is pushing against my dick? Just that thought brings me one step closer to cumming.

Ava is moving ever so slightly again and I’m feeling my pre-cum covered tip rubbing against her butt-crack. What an ecstatic feeling! I feel like I’m about to lose self-control. I’m kissing Ava’s neck: “I love you, darling.” Ava is turning her head and gives me a kiss on my cheek: “I love you too, dad.” I’m pretending to have to scratch myself at the chin. I’m moving my arm up and brush against her soft, full breast and nipple. It is hard! My dick is about to explode. I can’t resist. I need to know how wet she is. I’m lowering my hand and rest it on her inner thigh, close to her pussy, but not touching it. I’m trying to be casual, not too obvious. I can’t think of any valid excuse though to brush her pussy, so I just remain in this position. Her skin feels so soft! My brain is almost short-circuiting, that’s how close to cumming I am. I am not even registering anymore that this nude, tanned, petite teen goddess cuddling with me is my daughter.

Then a miracle happens. The movie shows a car-accident scene. It instantly whips me back into reality. All the traumatizing memories of Debbie’s recent passing and Ava’s injuries flood my brain. I’m feeling my dick deflating, heartbeat by heartbeat until it just rests softly against Ava’s butt cheeks. I’m raising my hand from Ava’s thigh, give her a hug with both arms and start stroking her hair with one hand. Her head feels so small in my hand. Ava adjusts her position and wiggles her hip

a little. It doesn’t bother me at all as my dick is in its normal state now. Ava rubs one cheek of her face against my chest and exhales. I keep gently stroking her hair, feeling her soft body snuggled against mine.

The movie ends. I’m looking at Ava. She’s raising her head, yawning and smiling at me. I haven’t seen her this content in a while. “How are you, Ava?” “I’m feeling great, dad. I really needed a cuddle. I know you love me and you’re doing a lot of work caring for me, but nothing beats cuddling, especially nudist style, just like I did it with mom. It is so special to me. This was perfect. How was it for you?” “I’m really sorry about-“ “Don’t worry about it dad. I told you I won’t be mad. It can happen to everyone. It’s natural, nothing sexual. I’m glad you gave this a shot for me. And it passed, didn’t it? Just like I said it would.” “Ok. Thanks, darling. Yes. Anything for you. Apart from that… hiccup, it was lovely. I really enjoyed snuggling with you and spending some quality time with you. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Tuck you in?” “Yes, dad, I’m ready to sleep.” I’m helping Ava move over to the center of the bed and tuck her in. As I’m sliding off the bed on my way out, right where Ava just sat, I’m noticing a large wet stain.

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